Tuesday, January 26, 2016

WORN: Vintage Levi's 501s + ThredUp

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Two phrases I never thought would ever escape my lips: I love mom jeans and ...oh, these jeans? I picked them up in Paris. But here we are. In the words of the Beibs, never say never, baby. (Also, the irony isn't lost on me that I had to go overseas to finally find the perfect pair of American-made vintage jeans.) Fashion and your own tastes can surprise you, and while these jeans would have been (and very much were) the bane of my existence as a pre-teen, I love them now.

Like any good closet staples, these vintage Levi's 501s and sweet ballet flats from Repetto have been on heavy rotation lately. The shoes were a score from ThredUp. Arrived brand new in their box, which still had the original price tag on it... but I'll get to that in a second. If you're unfamiliar with ThredUp, it's an online destination for gently used women's clothing. ThredUp is chock full of great pieces at prices similar to that of a higher end thrift store or consignment shop. You can buy and sell, which makes it a nice option for offloading pieces from your closet you no longer need or want, and there are often discount codes available and free shipping at certain thresholds... phew! Which means these gorgeous little leather flats ended up being just over $50. A very far cry from their original price from Bergdorf's, which was marked with the original sticker on the box at $350. Seriously... This is why I love thrift shopping, guys.

I learned early on in life that taking the time to scour the racks at thrift and secondhand stores will often reward you with pieces that you might not typically be able to afford, along with giving you complete creative control of your wardrobe. I have a collection of classic Coach and Dooney & Bourke bags as proof (all priced under $20, thank you very much). And one-of-a-kind vintage. And multiple items crafted from high end fabrics that would normally be laughably out of my price range. Plus, the satisfaction that comes with saying "oh, this old thing? I thrifted it for $6 bucks" really can't be beat. The time taken to comb through racks and drive to far-off Salvation Armies is far more rewarding to me than just popping into the mall to get exactly the thing I'm looking for. I like a challenge. I like to let the universe help me out a bit. And this year, I'm taking control of my closet and rediscovering my love for thrifting and secondhand in all its iterations, both online and IRL. It took awhile to comb through ThredUp to find a piece that fit my criteria (a piece my closet is currently lacking, well made, good condition, could work with multiple outfits and more than one season), but I approached it as I would any other secondhand shopping trip. You're not always going to find something, but eventually you will. And it'll be great. And sure enough, on my third site visit, there they were. The pair of walkable, go-with-just-about-everything shoes I've been looking for. And for a fraction of the cost of buying new. Resolution realized. Control taken. Secondhand forever.

Get the look: Schott NYC 'Ex-Boyfriend' Jacket // H&M Sweater // Vintage Levi's 501 jeans // Repetto "Camille" ballet flats via ThredUp // Zodiac 'Aquarius' ring via Moorea Seal

Note: A portion of the cost of shoes + shipping was provided by ThredUp. All opinions are my own.


Marta said...

What a great outfit! I really love your jacket!


Gwen said...

You are looking so good!! With your hair back to a good length, and this superb outfit, you just look so happy! Good jeans and good hair will do that, eh? ;) And wow, what a great souvenir from Paris. If we can ever muster up the courage to go back there after the attacks (we should, Victor and I live like, ten minutes away from the train station that has the Eurostar train from London to Paris) then I wanna try to find the same vintage shop you did! Do you remember what it was called? Last time we went, I saw a magazine clutch in a vintage shop window and thought, oh we can come back later... AND we never did! Still kicking myself.

Dylana Suarez said...

Love those jeans with the leather jacket!



Adele Miner said...

This is perfect, mustard yellow is one of my favourite colours! x

Orchid Grey said...

Thank you Marta, Dylana, and Adele!

Orchid Grey said...

Gwen - Thank you so, so much. While I loved my shorter hair for a time, i'm really happy to see it getting longer as well, and I'd say I'm definitely in a more positive place in my life - so i'm glad it shows! I do remember where I purchased these jeans - Killiwatch Vintage. There's a location in Paris and I found the prices to be very reasonable. They sell both new and vintage, and I wouldn't be surprised if that's where you saw the clutch :)

Jenn said...

I'm such a fan of thrifting. It's kind of like gambling without the negativity (for me, at least? I guess you could go full-on hoarder LOL). My last trip to Salvation Army yielded a Chanel scarf, brand new J.Crew loafers, vintage suede heels (never worn), and a rare atomic mid-century coffee table. Jackpot!

Rilee Jefferson said...

Those jeans are everything, they fit you perfectly!

Rilee xx

Amber Baker said...

This is such a lovely outfit. I love the way the jeans and flats look so effortlessly cool together. I never have any luck with vintage shopping, but this post has definitely made me want to give it another try!

Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

Maria Isabel said...

ThredUp is my newest obsession! For the past month I have been purging my closet, ordering their kit and sending it all to them. I am on my third bag! They make it so easy and I love that I can just use the money I get from them to turn around and buy when I get the shopping itch!

Gwen said...

Thank you so much for the response, Julie! Killiwatch Vintage, I will definitely remember that!! :) and yeah, glad you're happier about everything - it totally shows!

Roanfolk said...

You've inspired me to get thrifting again, but not only that, to go for things that I used to think I'd never buy. For example, I got a blazer that's slightly oversized and has shoulder pads (doesn't hurt that it's Orvis brand)! But I feel awesome in it and it makes my day when I put it on. So thank you! I love to see the fun pieces you find.


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