Friday, January 22, 2016

Here & There 1.22

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Happy snowstorm's eve guys! Are you ready for it? Judging by every Target, Whole Foods, and other location from which to purchase food in this city, Philly is preparing for the apocalypse. Whole Foods had an hour and a half wait time for the registers yesterday! How insane is that? We just got back from a wine and beer run, so I'd say we're set. Chris's work was cancelled for tomorrow so we're looking forward to walking though the snow and enjoying it before it turns into a grey mess, but until then, I'm curled up on the couch watching one of my favorite movies, Death Proof.

This Indian cotton dress is what supper dreams are made of

This is the funniest (and extremely inappropriate) weather report I've ever seen (read the comments, they're better than the actual article)

SoleSociety is having a huge sale, just got these and am in love

How to ask for a raise

The most perfect hat and a cute necklace to go with it

So obsessed with these affordable chelsea boots (love this velvet pair, too)

Because politics can be exhausting... Hot Heads of State

The sneaker obsession continues: Love this vintage-style pair, these gold Air Max 1's, and this leopard print pair

Really cool cinemagraphs

This shop has so many cute dresses for spring!

The perfect backpack

The perfect little wedding dress (this one would be pretty, too)

The first Instagram masterpiece - this was interesting

Such a sweet little jewelry dish


Carmen Varner said...

I just saw the post on how to ask for a raise yesterday. It's such a great read. :]

// ▲ ▲

Adele Miner said...

Cutest post x

Gwen said...

OMIGOSH, JULIE! If you like Tarantino, have you seen Hateful Eight yet?! It's amazing. So long they do an intermission but you really don't notice - you just get sucked in! We went to see it for our anniversary (romatic, eh?) and were just blown away. Walton Goggins (from Django) even got to mispronounce something again, and that's always a treat. ;)

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