Sunday, September 13, 2015

Here & There 9.13

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Happy Sunday, friends. How has your weekend been? My original plans to head to to NYC today to shoot were sidelined by car trouble (tow trouble, whomp whomp), but perhaps it's all for the best because the weather today is glorious and I can't wait to get out for a run. Our good friends were also visiting the city this weekend -- thinking of moving here! -- so we've been chilling with them and giving our recs for what to see, which is a great way to regain appreciation the place where you live. Even if your car gets towed repeatedly.

Are you on Looklist yet? All your fall style inspiration in one spot!

How perfect is this vintage '70s vest? Can't get enough of that color

Pretty bags for fall (love that blush number)

How to work out (correctly) -- this is amazing!

Pretty lace-up flats (love this version too)

12 things to do this autumn (I can't wait to go apple picking!)

Etsy loves: This constellation poster, this pretty hair pin, these spicy pins, my kind of tote, these sweet raindrops.

Oh wow, these breakfast cookie bars look SO GOOD

Loving metallic flats for fall

Would love to see this photography exhibition

I want this in my life

The most perfect cat sweater. and some pretty epic clogs. oh, and these cute rain boots!

If Game of Thrones was released in the '80s - made me laugh

Just picked up this cozy hoodie for post-workouts, love these water bottles too

How gorgeous is this dress? Perfect for fall weddings!


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