Monday, July 6, 2015

In the Green

 photo unnamed 5_zpsepmzwkev.jpg
 photo unnamed 2_zpsdzu0nmmp.jpg
 photo unnamed 6_zpsigrjo1gc.jpg
 photo unnamed 3_zpsrll8z9vo.jpg
 photo unnamed 8_zpsrjivmboz.jpg
 photo unnamed 4_zpsldxclolr.jpg
 photo unnamed 9_zpsnvvprjjf.jpg

I'm surrounded by green this week. the smell, the sound, the sheer taste of it in the air brings back so many memories and invites relaxation. Sweet fern and alfalfa growing by the roadside. Pine trees spreading their limbs to canopy above. The cat slinking through tall grass. The stress leaving my body is a physical sensation, melting from the top of my head and out through my toes. In these moments the thought of living in the city feels absurd, an impossibility. An uncomfortable fact.

get the look: Free People tank // Aero bra // Mexicali Blues pants // Birkenstock sandals // vintage necklace (similar options here)


Liz Lauren said...

love that top

Alaina M. said...

I'm jealous.

Elle Nelums said...

i know that feeling well...there is something about being in the woods that just feels so much more real.

Sarah said...

I love her tattoos. These are some cool shots!

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