Sunday, May 31, 2015

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Apparently, no one told Philly that springtime is supposed to last more than a week or two. June may just be arriving, but we've been deep into summer for at least a month, with temperatures and humidity climbing. I'm not complaining, and honestly, I feel like every singe year no matter what, people are always going to be like, "but we didn't even get a spring - just jumped right into summer!"

It has been extremely warm though and lately I've found my mind wandering to my old life up North. Conjuring memories of sweltering days at the river in New Hampshire or a hasty hour or two at the beach down the street from our place in Mass. I think what it comes down to is missing the ease of living in a small town and/or suburb. Which, I know, sounds really silly, because aren't cities supposed to be the easier option? I miss having that large body of water readily available to leap into.

But summer is here regardless, and I intend to celebrate it. Chris and I enjoyed our first ice cream of the summer last Monday, after attempting a trip to Franklin Fountain (HA), we found a Mr. Softee instead, which I'd argue was a better choice in the first place. Today I'll find a patch of grass on which to read my book, and maybe I'll force myself to be responsible and clean or go running later, but who knows. Maybe I'll just embrace the ethos of this season and throw responsibility to the wind.

And on that note, a few things I'm loving this week, because in honor of summer, all I want to wear are maxi dresses, sandals, and big hats:

Speaking of summer style, this sheer 1940s dress would look amazing with black underthings layered beneath.

Have you checked out the new arrivals from My Vintage Spirit? Love these chandelier earrings.

Swimsuit perfection. Love this sexy black one-piece.

Angela, making jumpsuit dreams come true.

Drunk J.Crew is the best thing ever.

All-natural French deodorant that I really want to try.

9 Mary Ellen Mark photos that changed the way we see the world.

Pretty dresses for summer: Love this lemon-print maxi, this dress would be PERFECT for a summer bride, and this one would be perfect for the summer wedding guest

Texts from Hieronymus Bosch made me laugh

Love these lace-up sandals! And these summer classics

How to find your purpose in life

A perfect summer book - have you read it?

Beach Etiquette... and how to get that perfect beach body

I want this.

Dear lord this is cute


Carmen Varner said...

First ice cream of the summer! Yay. Totally digging that lemon print maxi or any fruit pattern. :]

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