Monday, April 20, 2015

Over the Weekend: Chicks and Flowers

 photo Orchid Grey Over the Weekend April 21 05_zpsyqfordyv.jpg
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 photo Orchid-Grey-April-21-Chicks_zpsnhaghwev.gif
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 photo Orchid Grey Over the Weekend April 21 08_zps2e4c8f9x.jpg
(No respect for plants. No respect!)
 photo Orchid Grey Over the Weekend April 21 04_zpsjotzioqe.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey Over the Weekend April 21 03_zpsicxyxu5z.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey Over the Weekend April 21 02_zpsupy3zr1n.jpg
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 photo Orchid Grey Over the Weekend April 21 11_zpsvqn9imme.jpg
 photo Orchid-Grey-April-21-gif-2_zpsbj6ciivr.gif
It feels as if it's been forever since I last recapped my weekend. Life is busy, the city is in full bloom.

When warm weather hits, there are few things greater than that first drink consumed outdoors, on the first evening of the season warm enough to allow such things. I let myself be coaxed out of my original plan to go running on Friday night in favor of after work drinks at Johnny Brenda’s with a couple of friends. I regret nothing.

On Saturday morning I finally took care of what we’ve come to refer to as the “Murder Hallway” and/or “Secret Shame”… the hallway leading from the front half of our shotgun-style apartment to the bedroom in the back. We’re still dealing with downsizing and figuring out storage in our new (smaller) living quarters, so over the past few months the hallway had become a dumping ground for things that had no home. It was bad. Really messy and hard to walk through while holding the cat – a common occurrence. I cleaned the FK out of it on Saturday and while there’s still stuff in there, it looks 150% better.

Saturday also happened to be the most gorgeous day of the year so far here in Philly, and I instantly regretted falling down the rabbit hole of cleaning. As soon as I finished I headed out with my camera into the South Philly sunshine. The flowers and trees are in full bloom here and I didn’t want to miss it. I wish Chris and I could have aligned our schedules so we could have gone to see the cherry blossoms in DC or even just to the parks here in town. But a solo venture is just as nice at times, plus it gave me a chance to pop into a few vintage stores along the way.

I’m doing a gardening project for work, which required plants and pots and soil. Rather than go to Home Depot, I made the trek up to Greensgrow, in Kensington to pick up my supplies – and I’m so glad I did because baby chicks. My brother just got chickens at his place out in Oregon, and is planning for bees soon too, and I’ve been feeling especially jealous of his situation. So gifs of baby chicks is the next best thing, right? 

I really need a vacation. This is related to nothing but the fact that I think I really need a vacation.

The tacos and drinks at Loco Pez are my favorite. Also my favorite is the fact that three people can have multiple drinks, chips, guacamole, salsa, and three tacos each for under $50 total. Loco Pez is the best. Especially on a warm Saturday night.

Sunday was far quieter – I’ve been spending most Sundays shooting and getting caught up on projects. Grabbed some stuff at the office to shoot at home, reluctant Home Depot run, planted my plants, spent 45 minutes trying to figure out where to put the plants, spent too much time on the internet. Drank too much coffee. Eggs again for dinner.

What have you been working on lately?


Cat Byrne said...

incredible photos! x

cat // je suis cat

Gwen said...

Siiigh, the gorgeousness of these photos! And Zephyr's cheeky little face...! Even his little fangs are cute!

I've been working on a series proposal to a comics publisher that distributes to the US! My friend draws and I write - we had a first meeting with the Senior Editor before Easter, and it went really well. So now we are burning the midnight oil in between day jobs to get the comics pages and submission documents ready. Character profiles and plot breakdowns and magic systems explanations - oh my! ;)

Nikki Williams said...

omg that pic of your cat is hilarious!

xx nikki

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