Saturday, March 28, 2015

Here & There 3.28

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As much as I love what I do Monday through Friday, I'll never complain when the weekend rolls around. This past week was a rough one as I attempted to recover from the events of last weekend while simultaneously battling whatever cold or illness I managed to pick up on my flight. I'm happy to be lounging in bed this morning with a cat and some coffee. Chris and I have some major spring cleaning to do today and tomorrow, so really I'm just bracing myself for an afternoon of sorting through clothes and battling dust bunnies. What are your plans?

Have you discovered Unique Vintage yet? Such cute pieces. Love these round sunglasses and these high-waisted shorts.

Jess Amity just kills it - how rad is this vintage denim jumpsuit? It would look amazing with the cuffs rolled up paired with Converse or clogs.

Are you going to see Cinderella? This was an interesting article to read.

This dress is so pretty for spring.

One of my favorite tumblrs.

This tee makes me want to camp!

Elizabeth Banks solves all your problems.

Updated my closet for spring this week with this gorgeous maxi slip (love this one too) and a leather jacket (on sale!) and can't stop thinking about this funny quote.

Love this pretty coverlet - such an easy way to update your bedroom for a new season!

Be still, my heart!

Urban Outfitters is having a huge spring sale on new items! Love those swingy tanks.

Californians try Maine foods for the first time - their reactions to Moxie are amazing (and for the record I have no idea about those beans)

A pretty sleep shirt that is also totally respectable

Centipede cat is amazing 

Forever 21's shoe game is on point - Love these and these

The thought process of ordering lunch - fact: I hate that lunch exists simply because I hate figuring out what to feed myself in the middle of the day.

My new favorite fragrance, bought it in Texas and can't stop wearing it

The answer to what to wear to a spring wedding.

Love love loved Jen's TXSC recap post

Pretty stationary

Prom dresses under $150 - I would totally wear this one

5 Ways of Finding Positivity in Times of trial - so beautiful

Love these vibrant bikinis for summer (yes, summer!)


Oh HI, feelings...

A couple of books I'm reading: This one from Megan and this one. What are you reading?

Can't stop listening to this fantastic album

These shoes are the perfect mix of comfort and style - love the white sandals!