Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Little Somethings: Valentine's Gifts for Guys

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Valentine's Day, a bright pink heart at the center of a cold, grey month. We're not huge on celebrating it the traditional way (candy, roses, dinner and a movie... those things are fine, but too much pressure for us), but I still like to do a little something. Go snowshoeing during the day, out for a drink in the evening, maybe cook some dinner at home, definitely eat some chocolate at some point because excuses, and most definitely make something or find a little gift to give. We show our love everyday, but I still like to find a small, sweet something for him, something better than the Girl Scout cookies he was presented with last week (although, can you really beat Thin Mints? Probably not), something that has the same effect as the little things I've been given over the years that call to mind a favorite time together, a sweet memory. A great day spent in one another's company.

Chris does not treat himself to much, exhibit A is that jacket up there (which was actually a gift from me, holes and all, but still), which makes giving gifts to him that much better... and that much more difficult actually, as he has extremely specific taste. Here are a few sweet little things I've had my eye on for February 14th for a man who prefers utility, likes to cook, and appreciates the handmade:

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Left: Warhorse Workshop beaded pin // Right: Souvenir Jewelry 'Born Free' ring (made in Philly!)

+ Do you have Valentine's plans? How do you like to celebrate?


Carmen Varner said...

The Born Free ring is magnificent. I don't think my man would wear it, but I would. The beard oil may be the perfect gift.

:] // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

Gwen said...

Teppanyaki! It's almost become a tradition for us over the past few years - this year we're departing from going to Beni Hana (booked out) and going to a new teppan place in our new neighbourhood. We used to go on little trips, but it actually works out cheaper and nicer to splurge on a nice meal. We've never given Valentine's gifts, though - Victor made me agree, in advance of our first V-day together, that we'd never do gifts. Takes the pressure off - especially since this will be our tenth Valentine's, and tenth anniversary of our first kiss (which was in a bus shed. Oh the romance)!

Orchid Grey said...

Gwen - I totally get the pressure thing, we used to not really celebrate as well, but now we see it as more of an excuse to do something nice in the middle of a holiday-less and cold winter :) Happy 10th anniversary!

Nikki Williams said...

that cookbook looks awesome!

xx nikki

Lindsey Anne said...

Thanks for these ideas! My husband is notoriously tough to buy for so I appreciate all the help I can get!

Jelina Kanadia said...

There are lots of way to express your love. It depands on you how you want to impress your loved one.

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