Thursday, January 8, 2015

White Mountain Woman

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Oh those New Hampshire mountains. A view I'll never tire of, and one I don't realize I long for until it's right there in front of me. A little distance can make even the most mundane tourist vista worth stopping at. We spent the final days of the year in the embrace of the valley we grew up in, a much needed break from reality and technology, a rare occasion to spend more than a couple frenzied days around family and friends. Cold and gorgeous, as always.

Get the look: J.Crew jacket // thrifted sweater (similar) // vintage hat (similar) // vintage tee shirt (similar) // altered J.Crew jeans (similar) // Free People sunglasses, necklace & rings // Seychelles boots


Liz Lauren said...

perfect outfit

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Laura Neal said...

I swear, Julie, I see your photos sometimes and the only thing I can think is that you have to be some kind of Joni Mitchell, Janis Joplin, Stevie Nicks combo lovechild. How do you manage to be so earthy and effortless and cool!? Also, something about those mountains makes my heart ache. America is just on a completely different scale to Europe, it is so massive and wild.
I'm done fangirling now, I'm sorry, bye!
Chambray & Curls

Leah Wise said...

Love those mountains and that cardigan. I live near the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. We went on a road trip to Florida over the summer and on the way back when we started to see the foothills in North Carolina I felt such joy and comfort being cradled by the mountains again. I forgot how much I'd missed them.

Nikki Williams said...

i love those sunnies!

xx nikki

Lindsay is Broke said...

I love your dude's jacket/shirt! Also you look super cute, as usual. I want to go there!

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