Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Long Enough for Braids

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My hair seems to be making some progress, case in point: braids. I'm not usually one for two, but I'll work with what I've got. Short hair was fun for a bit, but the truth is I haven't felt much like myself since I made the chop. It's funny how much weight we put into our hair, something so impermanent and, well... dead, how much it can define us and affect us when it changes.

Get the look: Vintage thrifted coat (similar) // Vintage denim jacket (similar) // Thrifted plaid shirt (similar) // H&M jeans (similar) // Jeffrey Campbell boots // Free People rings // Vintage bracelet (similar) // Vintage hat (similar) // Free People sunglasses


Sarah said...

Such pretty photos!


Gwen said...

Oh Julie, I hear ya. A few years ago, a horrible woman chopped my hair to shreds without even asking for permisson. I thought I was just getting my ends trimmed, and I couldn't eat or sleep for about two days. Wound up using this amazing thing to make my hair grow - Biotin. They sell it over the counter here, and it's literally just a super-strength vitamin B thing that makes hair grow faster and nails grow healthier (bonus!). My new hairdresser - because I also wound up getting extensions to cover the damage - was almost freaked out by how fast my hair grew out. She said she's never seen anything like it! The cut happened in May, and in October I had my own hair back. So I really recommend biotin - maybe somewhere like Wholefoods sells it?

Anyway, that aside, I LOVE the jean jacket under a coat look! Been afraid to try it myself because I worry it might feel too constricting - could you move your arms okay? This looks so boho chic that it makes me want to risk it! ;)

Orchid Grey said...

Gwen - thank you so much for the recommendation, I've actually been taking Biotin for a few months now and you're right - it really does wonders! I'm so glad to hear it helped for you, "hair grows" but a bad haircut can be so awful feeling.

About the jacket layering - I think it depends on the jacket. When I wear the denim one under my usual coat, it's not restricting, but under this one, which is super heavy, it can be a little restricting. BUT it's super warm, so a nice option when I don't want to wear a sweater.

Nikki Williams said...

love that coat!

xx nikki

Sandra said...

loving your hat and the western vibes :)

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