Monday, January 26, 2015

A Day Away

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There are weekends when I just have to escape the confines of the city. When someone cuts me off in traffic, a pedestrian with a death wish jumps out in front of my far without looking, when I've weaved around too much trash on the sidewalks and start to feel claustrophobic in my own apartment... I know it's time to plan a day away. Sometimes it's hiking, sometimes it's a day in a place that reminds me of home, but always, always, at the end of the day, my heart feels lighter. My mood feels lifted. I feel better and ready to dive back in to the urban clusterf- - - that city living can be.

Chris was in New Hampshire all last week, it's a trip he takes frequently, but one that really wore on us this time around. Could have been because he was there for a funeral, or it could also just be attributed to it being winter and cold and dark and a somewhat lonely time of year. Either way, when he returned on Saturday night, we were both excited to spend the day together on Sunday. We decided to point our compass towards New Hope/Lambertville. Antiques, vintage, and lunch sounded pretty perfect to us, and it was. Almost as soon as we rolled into town, we ran into Ashley and her man, and everything happens for a reason, right? So we all pawed through racks of vintage together and grabbed lunch at the Blue Moose. Afterwards, we went our separate ways and Chris and I strolled over to Lambertville to paw through more vintage and gawk at dogs. 'Cause that's what two people who don't have a dog, but really want a dog, do.

Oh, and my outfit? I happily added this fluffy monster of a coat to my closet on Saturday afternoon, a very lucky find from the URBN sample sale. I pined for this beauty when it was on the racks in 2013, and it was apparently was meant to be. The rest are old favorites, cobbled together for warmth, function, and some semblance of style? Who knows. I liked it though.

And on that note, tomorrow is my birthday. I will be 31, though from the tone of my writing today you might guess closer to 13. Ha. But really. 30 was good and frustrating and heartbreaking and frustrating and maddening and joyful and happy but I learned so much. I found some peace within myself. Something I can only hope to continue finding in this next year of life.

Get the look: FP jacket (similar, similar) // vintage Harley tee (similar) // thrifted flannel // H&M jeans // Converse high tops // FP sunglasses
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Nikki Williams said...

i love your coat!

xx nikki

Liz Lauren said...

loving this 70s vibe

Jeanne said...

How cool! I love your shearling jacket!

Lindsay is Broke said...

I haven't seen many people pull off that shape in sunglasses - nicely done! I am turning 30 this year... I am ready for the next chapter for sure.

Naomi said...

Happy Birthday Julie!! Loving the coat too!

Meghan Blaylock said...

oh, so lovely. your blog was one of my first discoveries + it is still one of my favorites!

erika wynn said...

You look amazing. And days off are SO needed, good for you. Happy Birthday!

From Utah,

Erika Wynn

Gemma Roberts said...

Gorgeous new addition in the form of fluffiness!!! And happy birthday, I wish you a wonderful one : )

Faded Windmills

Sandra said...

happy birthday! mine is coming up this saturday.
wow, you guys still have snow :)
loving your jacket!

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