Monday, December 29, 2014

New Year, New Style

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2014 brought some wild changes into my life, especially over the last seven months, and with the obvious upheavals (moving, new jobs, new city) come the not so obvious ones. A smaller place means a smaller closet, and a busier schedule means not as much time to get ready in the morning. Since we moved, I've been slowly but surely cleaning out my closet, sorting through the detritus, trying to find what I truly feel comfortable in. Bags and bags have been taken to Goodwill and Buffalo Exchange, cherished pieces that I've just needed a break from have been packed into storage. Sometimes you just need to take a step back and assess.

With a new year, I'm looking forward to further streamlining things. Not changing my style drastically, but making small changes here and there to make my mornings and workday easier. I spend a fair amount of time at work taking photos, and I hate to feel encumbered. While I'm still drawn to the eccentric, for practicality's sake a good pair of jeans, ankle boots, and sneakers have become essential. The trend towards these solid, basic pieces is awesome in my book. I'll take a pair of sneakers over heels every day of the week.

It's my high school uniform, all grown up. Let's hear it for comfort and mobility.


The Suburb Experiment said...

2014 was definitely the year I figured out that I needed a good basic wardrobe to add my crazier pieces to. Getting dressed was getting exhausting! I technically have more clothes now but my closet is much more manageable. I store away anything that I'm not ready to get rid of then swap it out periodically when I need a closet refresher.

Nora Gouma said...

Cool outfit , I love the most vegan biker jacket. Really amazing !!!


Liz Lauren said...

such a great post

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Anonymous said...

Love it. 2014 was also a big year for me as far as style goes, and I hope 2015 is even better!

Smith Photo said...

A new year is the ideal time to reassess and re-evaluate. Often we discover less is more.

Chelsea Elizabeth said...

2014 has when I've also been coming into my style more. Loved everything from your blog this year! And congrats on the move to Philadelphia, I live downtown there and absolutely love it!

Anonymous said...

I went through the same thing this year! Moving cross-country with only what I could fit in my car meant I had to severely pare down my wardrobe. I learned that while I like buying trendy things, they never last long in my rotation, so I'm going for a similar wardrobe plan - easy, comfortable, yet "grown up" versions of what I've always loved: jeans, sweaters, flats, and more cardigans than one person really should have. :-)

Happy New Year!

Nikki Williams said...

love all of the inspiration!

xx nikki

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