Monday, November 24, 2014

Cinnamon Yerba Mate Latte + Uncommon Goods

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Soft, late-fall sunlight filtering through the curtains, a good book, and a steaming mug of tea. Pretty much the perfect Sunday afternoon.

'Tis the season of hot drinks on cold, blustery days. Typically my drink of choice is coffee, but a few weeks ago I had the misguided idea that I would give it up. It sounded like a good idea, like something I should do. HA. Three hours and one caffeine headache later, the idea was erased from my brain. Forever. Instead, I've been replacing my two o'clock cup of coffee with yerba mate tea. It gives a boost similar to green tea, but lacks the acidity of coffee -- you can read more about it here -- and can be easily dressed up with spices and honey. Served in a rustic mug (hot drinks must always come in rustic, handmade mugs), it's the perfect pick-me-up for a sleepy afternoon, or the two o'clock slump at the office.

Today I'm sharing the recipe for my latest obsession: a cinnamon-infused tea latte that's the perfect mix of sweet and spice. It's pretty much the best thing ever on a frigid cold day.
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Cinnamon Yerba Mate Latte

6 oz filtered water
3+ tbsp full-fat canned coconut milk (to taste)
1 tsp raw honey
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp vanilla extract

Combine everything but the water in a large mug. Boil the water and pour over the ingredients in the mug. Stir and adjust sweetness to taste. Enjoy!

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While browsing Uncommon Goods for Christmas gifts recently, I fell hard for this beautiful kantha quilt and handmade mug, knowing the mug would be the perfect thing to enjoy my latest concoction from... the fact that this is actually a soup bowl should give you some indication of my caffeine consumption... I'll admit, I'm relatively new to the site, but after looking around and reading about the products and Uncommon Goods' mission, I'm sold. Uncommon Goods is, in a word, impressive, supporting craftspeople and shipping the mostly US-made product straight from their Brooklyn-based warehouse. With the holidays coming up, it's an amazing resource for responsibly made, handcrafted, and unique items. As I looked around, I found myself making a mental list of gifts to give, they have everything from beer-making kits, to jewelry(and how awesome is this?). And if my plan of making handmade gifts falls through (again) this year, this will be my first stop. 

The quilt on the other hand is undergoing a custody battle between Zephyr and myself. This cat has good taste and seems to enjoy color-coordinating himself with his blankets of choice. I've always loved kantha quilts, a love that has only grown since starting work at FP, where the vibrant patterns, colors, and stitching is everywhere, even on the walls.
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Get the look: Uncommon Goods kantha quilt & handmade mug (c/o) // Journal - gift from my mom // Cat found on the side of the road (find a similar one in a shelter near you ;))


Chaucee said...

You're right - that's a lovely mug! And this drink sounds delicious.

alisialynn said...

that drink sounds incredible! I put cinnamon on every warm wintery beverage and on my granola and yogurt every morning


Nikki Williams said...

i bet this smells sooo good!

xx nikki

Ilianne M said...

Such a lovely blog!

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