Thursday, September 4, 2014

Worn: '90s Floral

Orchid Grey September 1 2014 photo OrchidGrey_JulieSharp_September12014-2_zps24c626d2.jpg
Orchid Grey September 1 2014 photo OrchidGrey_JulieSharp_September12014-3_zpsf5468077.jpg
Orchid Grey September 1 2014 photo OrchidGrey_JulieSharp_September12014-1_zps3a478ee6.jpg
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Orchid Grey September 1 2014 photo OrchidGrey_JulieSharp_September12014-4_zpscfb22fd6.jpg
I am welcoming September with open arms. Ready for this heat to just end once and for all. I know I already said it, but this summer has been a weird one, long and drawn out, and I feel as if a new season, one with slightly cooler days, is what I need right now. This past weekend was wonderful and much needed, but it's about that time when you start to hear the collective cry of "is it fall yet?", and this year, I'm right there with 'em adding my voice to the chorus. I'm ready to stop sweating. I need to get out of this funk.

Mostly, I'm excited for cooler days so Chris and I can actually do some real, live, hiking. Not these relatively tame walkabouts we've been doing (which I've enjoyed, don't get me wrong). I've been compiling a hefty list of trails I'd like to do, and hiking is just better when done under a canopy of fall foliage.

This outfit was assembled out of pure necessity. It was above 90 degrees on Sunday, we had to run up to South Street, and this was the breeziest thing I could find. Also, Birkenstocks with everything because I just can't handle anything else right now.

Get the look: Dress: Thrifted (similar) // Bag: Omnia Vintage (c/o - similar) // Sunglasses: Thrifted (similar) // Birkenstock 'Arizona' // Necklace: F21 (similar) // Bra: Aeropostale (c/o - similar) // Rings: Vintage & from a West Virginia truck stop.


By The Shore, Life + Style said...

I'm right there with ya! Even though Vancouver has been relatively cool compared to other places... I've still been a hot sweaty mess for far too long. This week, there's a fall breeze in the air and it's got me grinning like a fool! I even wore jeans & booties! Also, you look amazingly beautiful, this outfit is perfect!! xo

Chaucee said...

Yay 90's! Loving this look.

Tamara said...

Well you look breezy and cool in these pictures ;). I hear you though, I'm ready for fall too!


Nikki Williams said...

those sunnies are perfect!


Liz Lauren said...

love how you styled it

Jamie Rose D. said...

I feel you about the heat. I'm sick of sweating and sick of my summer outfits. It's time for comfort and layering. At least you look really cute in this outfit. I love the 90s vibe!

Jamie |

Emma Clark said...

Not many people can pull off those glasses, but they look great on you! And I love that floral print. About half of my closet is floral!


All That Glitters said...

I am SOO ready to go hiking! It's so hot here in Texas, we haven't been able to go since the spring! Love that dress on you:)

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