Monday, August 18, 2014

Weekend Diary: Cape Cod

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The first weekend in August was our first weekend in our new place, while we would have been happy to be homebodies for two days, instead we loaded up the car and drove north to my grandparent’s house on Cape Cod. Bigger and better things. We had a party to get to. The drive itself was such a welcome change from what we'd become accustomed to. No real planning ahead, no worries about the havoc a 14 hour drive would wreak on our bank account, because now “home” (in its many, many senses) is only a few short hours away. No longer the all-day drive it once was. THIS, this is what I missed!

So we very happily woke up at 5am, packed up the car, and drove to Cape Cod to celebrate my grandparent’s 60th wedding anniversary. They renew their vows every 10 years, and it’s hard to believe 2004 – when we celebrated in Ireland - was that long ago. But it was. Time flies. It felt so good to be back on the Cape and good to be back around family, some of whom I haven’t seen since our wedding. We spent Saturday at the party they threw, and spent the majority of Sunday on the beach. It was a sleepy and sunburned drive home. But a drive that didn't take 14 hours. And for that I am thankful.


Anonymous said...

What part of the Cape? Is that Sundae School? (!!!)

By The Shore, Life + Style said...

How amazing, love that your grandparents renew their vows every ten years. That's the sweetest thing!! <3 Love these shots and your outfit too. Total dreamy combo!! xo

Jeanne said...

Amazing pictures! And what a lovely anniversary to celebrate too!

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos, Julie! Very happy that you are closer to family and settling in your new digs. Can't wait to hear more from you!

XO Alison

Nikki Williams said...

looks amazing!! and i love your shorts!


Tamara said...

Cape Code is so beautiful! Lovely photos :).


ediot said...

such cool photos
love this post
thanks for sharing
e d i o t

aprileveryday said...

It looks like you guys had such a great little weekend trip! How cute that your grandparents renew their vows every 10 years! That's so romantic!
Have a great week!
xo April Everyday

Anonymous said...

and youre still "TIGHTLESS" !!....please .. wear your opaque Black Tights again ..they suit your whole make up ..charlotte

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