Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Split Personalities with Zero Gravity

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How do you get dressed in the morning? I'm not talking about socks-before-pants-before-shoes, but how you approach choosing what to wear. Is it emotional? Is it dictated by what's in store for the day? Fashion allows you to explore all sides of yourself. What you choose to put on your body is where fashion and personal style intersect. While fashion is dictated by the designer's emotions -- what they were feeling at the time of creation -- personal style is where you get to transform their vision and make it entirely yours

Waking up in the morning, I dress for my moods -- I could be feeling romantic or grungy (usually grungy or romantically grungy) -- but I also approach my closet with the day ahead in mind. While I'll certainly be dressing for what the next twelve hours have in store for me (photo shoots at work where I have to bend and twist and sit on the floor often require loose shorts and sandals and general frumpitude), even on my most casual days I'm also looking to translate what I'm feeling.
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 photo OrchidGrey_JulieSharp_May192014-1_zps14389e5e.jpg Naturally, that desire to express all aspects of my personality translates to more than just the clothes I wear, and as much as I hate to admit it, my phone has become an extension of my self (you too?). From the apps I use (I'm a fan of Runkeeper, Spotify, VSCO, and Afterlight), to storing my photos and videos. So, with our phones (like it or not) practically glued to our hands, it's understandable that we'd look for ways to personalize that aspect of ourselves as well.

Lucky for us Zero Gravity and its ridiculous selection of expressive cases exists. When an old friend who works at the company reached out, I was really excited to collaborate - the company is rad, but more than that I was excited to connect with a friend who's doing cool shit. Indecisive as I am, I picked out a dreamy pastel case and one in more earthy tones, so I can switch 'em out when the mood strikes, which is often. I love changing up my look -- we have to clothe ourselves every day for the rest of our lives, why not make it interesting?

These outfits were worn to work on separate days - I tend to start my week more casual and work up to dressier looks. I found these coveralls on a thrifting trip this past weekend, I've been on the search for a mechanic's jumpsuit for awhile, and finally found it in the "uniforms" section. Always look everywhere when you're thrifting, even in the men's uniforms and children's coats.

Outfit 1: Dress (similar) & jacket (similar): old ModCloth // Heels c/o Lulu's // Necklace: old J.Crew // Lipcolor: Revlon

Outfit 2: Coveralls: thrifted vintage Dickies (similar) // Crop top c/o Aeropostale // Sneakers: Converse // Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters

Bonus neighborhood cat that I want to steal and make mine:
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Disclaimer: while I accept c/o product on this blog all opinions expressed are my own, which I hope is obvious.


Marlen said...

what a fun post, i loved everything about it (and we got TWO outfits!) I definitely dress on my mood that morning- sometimes I feel ultra feminine and romantic, other times I feel cute and playful. it's odd how sometimes you put on a dress you like but it just feels all wrong on a certain day. and i LOVE how you put that striped shirt under the romper, so cute

xo marlen
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Maggie said...

Love Runkeeper too :)

Melissa at bubbyandbean.com said...

I LOVE the coveralls look. Love love love. I do dress for mood, although I both work from home and have a 4.5 month old baby, so comfort dictates a large part of it as well. I do always get dressed though - I never stay in my pajamas. PS The Ganesh phone case rules.

Melissa said...

Great looks, great phone cases. I especially love your sunglasses. x

Anonymous said...

Ugh, I liked this blog until the blatant advertising of c/o'd began. Off of my bookmarks it goes.

Orchid Grey said...

Melissa - Me too, I absolutely can not spend the day in pajamas.

Orchid Grey said...

Anon - Thank you for reading up until now. I try to keep a healthy balance of thrifted/vintage/new/and c/o product (which I've featured on this blog since 2010 - and there is a disclaimer for on by 'sponsor' page), but I get it, sometimes it can seem like a lot, especially when I dedicate a post to talking about something more specifically. But what's better - just throwing the c/o in there with no mention of it, or talking about why I actually like it and why I think it has value? I've talked about why thrifting has value for me in the past, so why not this? You've probably already peaced - but I would be interested in hearing your thoughts.

Orchid Grey said...

Marlen - I completely agree - it's so strange how your perceptions of what you look like and what looks good shifts from day to day.

Cory said...

I love this: "What you choose to put on your body is where fashion and personal style intersect. While fashion is dictated by the designer's emotions -- what they were feeling at the time of creation -- personal style is where you get to transform their vision and make it entirely yours."

Sasa Zoe said...

Awesome:) XO


Alyson Herreid said...

Well put Julie! Thanks for another great post.

myedit said...

That last pic:) tooo sweet!

Anonymous said...

I definitely dress for my mood–or for the mood I want! and wow, you really pull off that jumpsuit! it looks so badass on you!
Rebecca @ tr[i]b[e]cca

Cik Nadz said...

I certainly love your jacket!! its sooo awesome~

By The Shore, Life + Style said...

Indeed, what a cool company. Can't wait to check them out... I love accessorizing my phone!! And yay, two outfits... they are both superbly fabulous!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

I am actually proud to say that I don't own a cell phone, don't want one, so therefor my eyes are not glued to a screen twenty-four seven. I don't understand how people get addicted to cell phones.

Orchid Grey said...

Clothes Lady - That's commendable. My mother does not own one as well and doesn't get any service at her house, whenever we visit it's like a technology vacation. I think it's just the accessibility of everything - if I'm out and want to make something I can just look up a recipe, if I see something I like, I can take a picture. I definitely don't use my phone as much as some -- absolutely no game playing -- but having it there and depending on it for aspects of my job, it's just too easy sometimes.

Anonymous said...

I love love love both of these looks - and your approach to dressing yourself based on mood. Turning 30 this summer, I've reflected on all the crazy style and fashion I've embraced since age 12. It's still fun to play around with your look and thank you for reminding me of that.

This Sister Style post is my favorite by far! Both of you look so cute. Love each of these looks so much.

XO Alison

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