Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Ozzy Was Here

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I came across this cluster of crosses on a cold run this past February. Alone at the time, and with dusk drawing near, I didn't stop to poke around (while the local cemeteries are some of my favorite routes to run, I manage to creep myself out big time -- it makes me move just a little faster.) Maybe I'm casting myself as a stereotype to only return with a man, but whatever, I knew Chris would appreciate the location. And the crappy "Ozzy" graffiti. This particular section stood out because it's just crosses situated at the crest of a hill, while most of the surrounding markers are low and small, these just tower over everything.

I've found running to be one of the best ways to acclimate to a new city/neighborhood. While my walking routes are pretty standard (the grocery store, library, coffee shop), running has allowed me to explore streets and roads I may not otherwise have a reason to go down. I've been (attempting) to step up my run game lately, with a goal of cancelling my gym membership. After a day of staring at a computer, I've been craving that time to just unplug and reconnect with the world. It doesn't hurt that Pittsburgh is the most beautiful place ever this time of year.

About my outfit: I grabbed this dress at an recent estate sale a couple of months ago, the pattern stood out to me, but once I got it home and on my body it was the ugliest dress. Like, a maxi-drop-waist-peplum-exposed-pocket catastrophe. After hacking off the bottom and cuffing the arms, it became actually kind of pretty. I accentuated the drop-waist with this vintage chain hip-belt I picked up at another estate sale. Sometimes all you need are scissors. The exposed pockets still confound.

Also, my husband is a total babe and can grow a beard like no other. Damn.

Wearing: Dress, Jacket, Belt: Vintage via Estate Sales // Bracelet: Vintage // Necklace c/o Seahag & Walrus // Boots c/o Shoemint


Emily Baker said...

i love your hubby's style. so classic.

Ingrid Orens said...

Nice photos !
A cemetery is a super spot for picture taking... I go there often, but always get strange looks when I pull out my camera from my bag..
And your outfit looks great. Love the snake-on-a-belt !

Liz Lauren said...

such cool pics


Maddie Toy said...

obsessed with that vintage chain hip-belt! and I think you're rockin that dress!


POONGIE said...

wow!! you r gorgeous >///<

Seeking Style said...

That dress was an amazing find!

xo Jennifer


Anonymous said...

This has to be my favorite shoot of yours ever - especially that first photo. You have witchy-boho-chic DOWN.

Sarah Louise said...

I agree - this is my favorite outfit post I've seen of yours. Love the spiced up dress, the gorgeous lighting and the cemetery. So awesome, Julie!

Also, you wouldn't catch me in mulling around in a cemetery on my own, thats what significant others are for :)

Anonymous said...

You look phenomenal! Graveyards are some of my favorite places to explore and you captured some lovely moments here.

XO Alison

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