Friday, May 2, 2014


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Listening: To the conversations of older men. I'm currently sitting in my favorite coffee shop on the North Shore of Boston and I couldn't be happier. There always seems to be a group of men here in the mornings, taking up a corner, discussing interesting things. I'm eavesdropping. I can't tell if they've just met, or are longtime friends.

Considering: Stopping by my college to drop a note in an old photography professor's mailbox.

Making: Use of my morning to answer emails (finally) and send thanks to recent collaborators, because I've been pretty bad about that lately.

Eating: All the snacks. We're on the road, so yesterday consisted of foods that tasted great but caused my stomach to feel terrible. I'll never learn my lesson.

Drinking: A soy latte. It's very large.

 photo 918166_645186325530420_1418834104_n_zps624f1011.jpg

Reading: Gone Girl. I finally went to the library and paid off my $5 fine. Now I have all the books.

Wanting: Someone to give me all the answers.

Looking: At how much my old town has changed. The last time I was here, everything seemed to be flourishing, this time, while there's a lot of new, some old stand-bys have shuttered. It's sad.

Wasting: A perfectly good avocado. I left it in the car last night, and I fear it can't be saved.

Enjoying: The company of people I love.

Waiting: For Chris to wake the f! up. It's only 9:00 a.m. though and we have the day off.

Planning: To make a stop at Savers in Portsmouth, NH. Chris doesn't know about this yet.

Loving: The smell of the ocean, the feeling of fog.

 photo 10296807_719234914781158_939013211_n_zps53a50223.jpg

Hoping: I get to go to Portland on Sunday. I want to see boats.


Touching: Other people's cats.

Wearing: An oversize football jersey-style tee, jeans that only make me feel confident 50% of the time, "white" (dirty) chuck taylors, a motorcycle jacket. Yesterday's clothes.

Thinking: That I have to get my shit together. I've been stressed lately and haven't been treating myself with as much care as I should.

Feeling: Nostalgic.

Knowing: That we have the best cat.

 photo 10249379_478426658954227_914056392_n_zpsbdc7ff2a.jpg
I mean, really.


Ingrid Orens said...

Me :
Looking at great photos
Feeling jealous about that cat - really looks like the best cat :-)
Reading a blog I always enjoy reading
Thinking you could make guacamole from that avocado
Wishing you a fantastic weekend, hopefully in Portland !

Kathleen Weaver said...

That last picture though. Perfection.

blue roses said...

avocados can be so fickle; hard and cruel, then soft and a waste.

this post was lovely; jealous of your eavesdropping. such a delight to remove the ear buds, and listen to the world around us!

Katrina said...

Aw, you're in my stomping grounds! I'm in a deep depression about the theater. Enjoy your trip home!

xx, Katrina

Nicole said...

Glad to hear you are back here in Mass. Have a lovely time!

The Littlest Smitten said...

So jealous you can smell the ocean! I was lucky enough to do that on Easter in MA but not long enough! Gone Girl I read a while ago and really enjoyed. They are making a movie which comes out in October that I can't wait to see. Your cat clearly is so special. I love the picturs you post of him. Hope you get to do all you want this weekend and have a good trip!

Jordyn said...

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