Thursday, April 17, 2014

Fringe Forever (and Other Bad Puns)

 photo OrchidGrey_April162014_JulieSharp-3_zpsc1f7ab44.jpg
 photo OrchidGrey_April162014_JulieSharp-1_zps667748eb.jpg
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 photo OrchidGrey_April162014_JulieSharp-4_zps3c9d7b20.jpg
 photo OrchidGrey_April162014_JulieSharp-5_zpsb2a650e2.jpg
There's now a running joke between Chris and I about how many fringed suede jackets it is appropriate for one human being to own. Except it's not a joke, I'm of the opinion that I can own as many fringed jackets as I damn well please, and this beauty happens to be my second, and probably not my last. The first, it's older sister if you will, has yet to make it's debut on the blog, but you'll see it soon enough. It too is fringy and perfect.

This is what I wore on our first afternoon in Cleveland, you know, before the temperature dropped and the snow fell. We're back to wintery temperatures, but I'm optimistic. Those three days of perfect weather we had last week instilled a little summer in my heart and I can't wait to once again wear a floaty dress and fringy jacket, and feel the impossibly warm air blowing through my hair. Isn't it kind of amazing, how it can be so cold for so long, and then all of a sudden it's not?

Wearing: Jacket: Vintage from @TheArdantForager (similar)// Dress: MinkPink (similar) // Sunglasses: Estate Sale (similar)// Boots: MTNG c/o Lulu's // Fringe necklace: gift from Moorea // Skull necklace: defunct Etsy // Vintage backpack c/o Omnia Vintage // Horn necklace c/o Seahag & Walrus // Bracelet: Thrifted


Charlotte Lewis said...

You look lovely in boho chic :) xx

Marta said...

Such a gorgeous dress! Lovely photos!

Lana Pugh said...

That whole outfit is my dream outfit. I love everything about it. Maybe one day I'll score my own fringe leather jacket. I remember when I first started showing horses there was a girl that had a big paint horse and an awesome red leather jacket (this was the early 90s) and I was insanely jealous.

Emily Baker said...

ha! loved that photo of u and chris from back in the day you put up on instagram the other day. so cute :)

Josephine Choo said...

fringe jacket is awesome!! and love love your maxi dress..maxi always the most comfy outfits in the world..don't you agree too?

xo josephine

Liz Lauren said...

such a pretty dress

Anonymous said...

I love your '70s ensembles. You do other eras well, but you always seem to cycle back to the '70s and the '90s. So ineffably you.

Seeking Style said...

This is so perfect. Love!

xo Jennifer

Alice Sawyer said...

Hey, I just found your blog and have been enjoying it thoroughly. You look simply stunning in that dress. The color is just divine and looks simply marvelous with the fringed suede jacket. I'll do something very similar after I receive the bohemian dress I bought at an online shop sale starting at $0.99! You can see it here if interested-

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