Monday, April 28, 2014

Disconnect / Reconnect

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Please excuse, but life has been a bit of a shit storm lately. To ... I don't know ... compensate? Deal? Chris and I have been spending as much time as possible outdoors, walking, hiking, exploring. It's just one of those times that feels as if everything in life is piling up all at once, too many options and outcomes lie before us, so the only possible solution is to just go outside and propel ourselves forward. Literally move forward, when figuratively we feel as if we can't. I know this kind of allusion can be irritating in the blogging world, you know, talking about something without actually talking about something. But well, hell, this is how I talk about things in real life (which I'm sure is equally irritating). And real life sorta blows right now. Not looking for pity or solutions. Just maybe commiseration.

We've been exploring the state parks in and around Pittsburgh a lot lately. On this particular day (Easter, actually), we headed out to Raccoon Creek State Park to check out the Wildflower Reserve. It was gorgeous, despite it being a little too early for many wildflowers. We did spy a few, though. Little troopers poking through the leaf-strewn ground and dotting the otherwise beige landscape with hints of color.


Jordyn said...

getting outside is always good in times like this. I hope things turn around for you guys soon
Pretty Lovely

Melissa at said...

Nothing clears my head like exploring nature. Seriously. Sending good vibes your way lady. xo

Emily Baker said...

girl, i'm in the same boat. way too many things happening. sometimes i just shut down haha

iris said...

I hear you on this nonsense. I've been working on a two-paged paper since March 24. Over a month. And it needs to get 'approved' before I can start working on a previously-rejected 80 paged paper. I cannot move forward on anything important. Ugh.

The Internet seems to think their campsite options are half bad, either. I'll have to get on that. Lately we've just been biking parts of the Great Allegheny Passage starting at the Pump House near the Waterfront (apparently, it has a Sunday Market, who knew?)

Anonymous said...

I always come to your blog to look at the pretty photos and gorgeous outfits for a bit of a mood lift (I'm ending my days at uni and it's crazy times and I should be studying but I'm in a bit of a rut I guess) so it's strange to think that you're over on your side and things aren't as peachy as they could be. That said, these are lovely photos and very inspiring too. It's been ages since I've been on a hike or even just for a stroll outside (if you don't count walking my pig but that doesn't count as those are short outings), I will definitely try to make time to do something like this next weekend. Hope you feel better soon:)

Meredith Atkinson said...

I'm sorry you're feeling this way! I can identify! Hope things look up in due time.

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