Friday, March 21, 2014

Insta Life

 photo 08fe7f38ae2111e3adcf125f4ff9813d_8_zpsd79d09e8.jpg
 photo a3c6fc28a5fe11e3abd212eddce84025_8_zps5c8ef51c.jpg
 photo 652fddd69d7511e3a42f120b5e335217_8_zpsd1b2bd1c.jpg
 photo 7922678e9a9e11e3b997124be5a77912_8_zps35e3784e.jpg
 photo ab3b6a12aeea11e387d512ef65f0672a_8_zpsf2e8453c.jpg
 photo 48ad267ea6f211e3bee912f9f55f67dd_8_zps560e6fb3.jpg

Some favorite shots from the past few weeks. It seems counter intuitive, but all I've wanted to do lately is hibernate, with the equinox finally past I feel as though I should be doing the opposite. I need to unwind, to have time to relax. I want to welcome spring with open arms, to plant stuff and check projects off the mental list list I keep. I want to be mindful of the change in season, but time's been moving a little too fast for that.


The Littlest Smitten said...

Great shots! Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

whoa! Look at that beard! Your boyfriend is the way I imagine Pierre Bezukhov looked like:)

Kellie said...

Awesome photos, great weekend!

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