Thursday, February 27, 2014

Spring Flowers

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I don't know about you, but my poor legs need some sunshine. Vitamin D. Like, now. Alas, it's 20 degrees out, so I'll just have to keep dreaming of those warm days where the air smells like dirt and rain, and the birds are chirping like maniacs amid bud-covered branches. Sob. This winter has been rough and I'm ready for a little relief. It's coming though, already the sun feels a bit warmer and the sky is still pink when I leave work in the evenings. Soon, there might even be a little daylight left after work!

This cute vintage dress sent over by Mothership is just begging to be worn with go-everywhere boots and my favorite denim jacket. And not begging to be worn with tights. Because tights can just bite it. And so can sweaters. It's been one of those weeks, man.

Pictured: Dress: vintage c/o Mothership // Jacket & Boots: Thrifted // Beanie: Pulled from the depths of our hat bin // Sunglasses: UO // Necklaces c/o Seahag & Walrus // Watch c/o Fossil


Rhiannon Lorenzo said...

LOVE this look! that dress is adorable!!

Kailey said...

Those boots are perfect ahhh!

Jesse said...

perfect for that almost spring weather we're all dying to arrive!

Elliementary, My Dear said...

That dress is so cute and I can just imagine how amazing all of these pieces will look together. If you want warm weather, I will totally trade you. The polar vortex totally skipped California and we've had no winter whatsoever this year so I am dying to wear tights and sweaters haha.

Lucia Y said...

Such an adorable outfit. Those sunglasses are amazing!
Lucia's Loves

molly pitcher said...

Those boots are cute and look like they can with stand the crazy snow we've been getting in Pittsburgh!

yourflirtylook - Karlijn Tiebot said...

amazing outfit! Love all the items!

clarice said...

love all the items , but my fav is denim jacket!

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