Monday, February 24, 2014

Over the Weekend

©Julie O'Boyle

As they tend to do, this weekend went by all too fast. This isn't one of those Over the Weekend recaps where I have a laundry list of new and exciting things to share, just a small collection of pictures taken over a typical Saturday and Sunday. Thrift shopping, errands, picking up around my place. I've been making an effort to document more of those small, everyday, quiet occurrences - I've been doing a lot of digging through old posts lately, and love finding small collections of images like these, a snapshot of such a brief moment in time.

A little about each picture...
1. It's becoming tradition for me to buy myself a really amazing pair of sneakers each January. I like to save up any gift cards I receive for Christmas and spend them on my birthday - this year I bought these. And I am in love. I also managed to spend the entire day in my yoga pants.
2. My houseplants are in desperate need of attention.
3. Despite the fact that Zephyr is making swift work of destroying the couch, I love the view into our living room. All those jades!
4. Zeph took over my makeshift stool to do a little bird watching.
5 & 6. Thrift shopping - Bess and I both walked away with some gems. I'm in that seasonal transition stage where most of what I'm buying is pretty basic. I grabbed a great flannel, a minimalist grey skirt, and a Baja hoodie that I'm thinking about bleaching.
7. While I was cooking dinner last night I noticed this glow out of the corner of my eye, and when I turned to look out the window, the sky was just on fire. This was the most intense sunset I've witnessed in Pittsburgh yet, it reminded me of the sunsets common by the coast.


The Littlest Smitten said...

What a gorgeous sunset! Love all your plants. I've been thinking of making a trip to pick up some plants. I want more green but have always been worried I won't take good care of them. I need to start with some easy plants.

iris said...

Ah, cats and jade plants!
We've got this awkward set up with our jade plant that puts it 4 feet up from the floor. Just enough that Dizzy thinks she can reach it every once and awhile. And that's when you hear the crash.

Brooke @ Youre in Brookelynn said...

That last picture is absolutely gorgeous!


Connie said...

Stunning pictures! Love the houseplant one.
xo, Connie

Alice said...

i adore those sneakers, i got a fun pair of New Balance sneaks from my husband for xmas, so fun.

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