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What do you do when your skirt decides to magically unzip itself all day long while you're at work? Seriously, I'm looking for answers here, because this skirt, as cute and amazing as it is with it's eyeballs, gold trim, and short hemline just did not want to stay on my body. It's super professional to walk into a meeting and immediately have to zip up your clothing. I'm thinking it could be that I ordered up a size, under the assumption it would run small. It's now sitting on Chris's alterations pile, awaiting it's turn (my husband is quite handy with a sewing machine). And I await the day when I can wear it again, because I want this baby on heavy rotation.

Malfunctions aside, I loved this outfit. I thrifted this turtleneck back in October while out hunting for Christmas sweaters and other things-I-don't-need, it was a last-minute lucky find: never worn Brooks Brothers, 100% cashmere, and $5.99. A score if there ever was one. One of those finds that makes you love thrifting again after striking out a few too many times.

Wearing: Skirt c/o Choies // Sweater: Thrifted // Jacket: ModCloth, last year // Booties c/o Shoedazzle // Sunglasses: UO, super sale // Tights: AA

EDIT - For anyone wondering about Choies products, personally my experience has been quite positive. The shipping is pretty fast, and the quality is good (this skirt, and the other I chose are both lined). I also have these boots, which have held up perfectly after six months of frequent wear.


Kathryn from Schoolmarm Style said...

Does the skirt have a hook and eye closure at the top. Even if it doesn't keep the zipper zipped that would help keep the skirt on your body when you stand up.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, how cool is it that your husband sews!? Hopefully he can fix it because that skirt is killer.

And I love that you take your own pictures! I'd be lost without my remote!

xo April

Heather P. said...

I'm all about using a safety pin to keep the zipper handle (or whatever you call it) attached to the top of the skirt.

I know that's a quick fix, but my husband and I both are useless when it comes to sewing. :-)

Unknown said...

hook and eye loops are useful for the top of the zip, if not, safety pins work a treat to hold the zippe up. Although, not great if you need a wee badly...

Veronika Novotny said...

Indeed, this outfit is spectacular love that skirt Julie. And how brilliant that Chris is so handy with a sewing machine, lucky girl!! And yay, love that you're taking your photos again. There's something about it, isn't there?! Hoping to pop out with my remote later this week!

PS Sending prayers to Chris' family!

By The Shore, a life + style blog

Rebecca said...

Hi Julie - I've read about attaching a key ring to a zipper in jeans, which you can loop around the button before fastening the top of the pants. Would something like that work with a button or hook/eye? Otherwise, I think safety-pin, especially since you'd only need to fasten/unfasten when you dress/undress (handy thing about skirts is they go up or down when you need to visit the loo).

blue roses said...

very evocative of the mystic evil eye motif, darling! hope you find a fix soon! (my peeve is when pencil skirts ride up while wearing tights in the winter; also rather unprofessional constantly hiking them down)

Unknown said...

That skirt is so adorable - I love the funky print, plus it goes perfectly with that amazing yellow jacket. Hope that your hubby gets it fixing soon. Also, the fact that your hubby is a great sewer is pretty fantastic!


h said...

That skirt is cute! I second what others have said - if it doesn't have a hook & eye closure at the top, it should be easy to add one, and might help the unzipping problem a bit.

Anonymous said...

That skirt is cool. Love the eyes on it!

Anonymous said...

very beautyful holding indeed, I like your sweater turtleneck

Dus of Cuddly Cacti said...

a well fitted sweater is def a winter essential, and i always have a harder time thrifting these than the cozy oversized ones - great find. and how fun is that little yellow coat? great w/ the skirt. I've heard of the keychain idea mentioned above as well if there's a button or if you could easily add one.

Jennifer said...

Looking fantastic, babe!

xo Jennifer

Unknown said...

What a cool skirt! I've never seen one like that. I love the unique print. It looks wonderful paired with your turtleneck sweater and cool yellow jacket. Such a great outfit.

Mell said...

Looking fantastic! Love the eyed skirt :)

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Monika Jones said...

The jacket and the skirt are a perfect combo! This skirt is definitely a must have. the print is so cool.

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