Thursday, January 9, 2014

Snow Speckled

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I've been feeling uninspired lately when it comes to blogging. A combination of the winter blues, taking time off (and not wanting to return to the real world), and... that damn miserable arctic vortex. It's cold, it's dark, and I'm grumpy. November and December were just incredibly crappy, hard-to-bounce-back-from months for me, and as I start out 2014, I've been doing a lot of thinking about the ways in which I need to adjust my life. I've been turning inward, reflecting, and making slow moves towards a more balanced and present mindset. One thing I know I need to do more of is making. Whether it's taking pictures, cooking, or just doing a simple craft, it's so refreshing to sit down and just create something.

I found my camera remote wedged beneath the passenger's seat of my car when we moved. While I appreciate Chris being so willing (sort of willing... kind of willing) to take my blog photos, it was refreshing to take this set myself during my lunch break the other day. I love the excitement of not really knowing how a set of photos will look until I get them up on my computer, there's something fun/exhilarating about the possibility of having to scrap the whole thing.

Wearing: Jacket: Vintage // Dress: Darling // Tights: AA Super Opaque // Boots: Samantha Pleet for Wolverine 1000 Mile (on sale here) // Crystal necklace c/o Unexpected Expectancy // Fringe necklace: Free People // Stone necklace c/o Moorea Seal // Ring: UO // Hat: Tamworth Lyceum


Unknown said...

Your photos are beautiful, really, and I love your outfit! I really struggle to look stylish when it's as cold as it is where you are...actually I don't think I've ever been anywhere that cold! Making things is so therapeutic, I’ve been making jewellery lately, it’s been a great way to lift my mood and get my creative juices flowing!

Mandy said...

Love these Julie! :)

Unknown said...

after i found "my spot" that is basically perfect in the morning for photos, I really started enjoying taking my own outfit photos. so i totally get that :) cheer up, girl!!! january, february, and march aways tend to be rough months for me. (this is random, but i just recently purchased a SAD lamp on amazon to help with my seasonal depression. it's actually helping i think!!)

Orchid Grey said...

Emily- a SAD lamp is definitely on my list. Glad to know it help you!

Jess said...

that fringe necklace is great!

myedit said...

Love these pics Julie!
You done good on taking them yourself!

Anonymous said...

I rarely comment but read every time you post. I think your photos are great. Keep creating. :)

Unknown said...

you look gorgeous!! i love these photos.

Dus of Cuddly Cacti said...

this outfit is just spot on - the beautiful lace dress combined w/ the army color coat + boots is wonderful. plus the snowflakes falling gives such a magical look. look forward to seeing more of your creations!

Adventures in Dressmaking said...

You do a great job doing your own!! I'm still mastering that but I always take them in low light it seems like, so the tripod is actually better than the husband photographer sometimes. These are super gorgeous snow pics!!

I know what you mean about making things--my mom always talked about how it's most fulfilling to balance producing (art, anything) with consuming (watching TV, whatever). It's so true!

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

I love this outfit, Julie! Especially those boots. ;) I absolutely love the red pair. And seriously, these boots will last you forever. That's awesome they're on sale!

Hope you get out of your winter funk soon. I was hugely feeling it in December and am just now starting to snap out of it. I'm definitely looking forward to spring, but I'm looking at the rest of winter as a great time to catch up on goals, inner reflection, etc. It's helping me feel better about it! xo

Kelsey said...

PRETTY LADY! I just started reading your blog (how?!) and I love you already. Is that weird? Anyway, sorry you've had some bad months, but usually after lots of reflecting and a little change, things always look up! And these pictures are incredible. Makes me wish for snow SO badly!

<3 Kelsey
Chaos Parade

Michelle // Aliya & Lucas Vintage said...

So happy I found your blog today! Your photos are beautiful. I love the pop of red in your boots, which by the way are way to awesome :) Also love the lace with the military green. I'm going to have to peek through the rest of your blog now. (PS thank you for allowing me to sponsor!)

Daphne said...

Awesome photos...I LOVE this outfit!

Lindsay said...

Beautiful photos and I'm in love with your outfit!

Helena i Dora said...

I love this photos, outfit, post and how snow is actualy visible on photos! I wish for snow where I live! ❇♥ Blog written by two friends: ♥❇

Unknown said...

Beautiful photos and outfit. Snow makes thinsg seem so magically.


Unknown said...

You look absolutely lovely - these pictures are gorgeous! I love the contrast between your dress and your army jacket - so perfect! And those boots are so wonderful!


Andrea said...

Hello !
I came across your blog through eat.sleep.wear's blog roll and I absolutely love it. Your pictures are amazing and this outfit is a perfect winter bohemian look.


Unknown said...

Sometimes I really love taking my own pictures too even though having someone else do it is easier. There's more control when I do it myself and I know I'm not boring anybody. I think your set of pictures turned out wonderful and I really like this outfit. The army jacket and girly lace dress look super cool together.

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