Monday, January 13, 2014

Maine, Part 2

 photo JulieSharp_SleddingParty2013-1_zps3082d18f.jpg
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 photo JulieSharp_SleddingParty2013-7_zps1337a616.jpg
 photo JulieSharp_SleddingParty2013-8_zpsedb7314b.jpg
Having a birthday in late January and growing up in rural Maine pretty much guarantees one thing: every birthday party will either be a sledding party, or an ice skating party, or some glorious combination of the two (during one particularly snowy winter we even went sledding off the garage roof). So, it's only natural that while home for the holidays we commemorated my upcoming 30th just as I have for the past thirty years -- with sleds. A few of our closest were kind enough convene for our annual Yankee swap and a short afternoon of sledding the next day. Good times with the people I love the most? A pretty great way to welcome a new year and a new decade.


Unknown said...

this looks like so much fun!! i'm so envious!

Unknown said...

you and your husband are so cute :) happy birthday!

Laura said...

Happiest birthday!
I'm sitting in 30 degree heat in Australia feeling very envious of your sledding times! Looks amazing. xxx

Bea said...

My smile is huge right now. The last three are amazing. XO.

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