Tuesday, November 5, 2013


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Photos by Elizabeth

I wore this to: St. Louis Fashion Week  

I know, my trip to St. Louis was literally weeks ago. Well, here's the last of it friends, this is what I wore for brunch at Saks and lunch at Neiman Marcus. This outfit reminded me a bit of Gloria Steinem. Maybe it was the glasses. For a day spent out of my comfort zone, I needed all the extra confidence I could muster, Gloria was my spirit animal for the day. Both stores were wonderful hosts and held amazing events for us bloggers, but I'm not going to lie, when I visit large department stores -- especially those that cater to high-end fashion -- I feel completely, undeniably out of place. And that's ok, it's pretty much me making myself uncomfortable. I'm more of a polyester cat-dress, thrifted Bongo boots kind of girl.

That's right, I'm wearing Bongo. My 90's pre-teen self is swooning. I snatched up these black booties at the Savers shopping event held for us during STLFW, and had to laugh when I saw the brand. I remember coveting Bongo jeans and shoes in middle school, most likely due to a persuasive ad in YM or Teen magazine. There's something so satisfying about answering the question "who makes your boots?" with the reply, "thanks! I got them at Savers for five bucks, they're Bongo!"

What I wore:
Necklace: Moorea Seal (gift)
Boots: Thrifted via Savers
Sunglasses: shop in Austin
Bracelet: Thrifted