Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Little Lace and Flannel

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A flannel and a biker jacket? The perfect way to toughen up a girly, lacy dress (and add a little warmth). I've had this dress for a few years now, and it's become a quiet staple. Something I don't wear often, but has stood the test of time.

The temperature has dropped significantly over the past few days, making lots of layers a necessity. I love stepping out into crisp, cold air in the mornings, with a little snow crunching beneath my feet. I'm sure I'll be singing a different tune in a couple of months, but right now I'm savoring this time of year.

What I Wore:
Dress: Darling
Flannel: Old
Jacket: ModCloth (old, similar)
Boots c/o ShoeMint
Ring: UO

See how I wore this dress in 2011 and in 2012.


veronika girlandcloset said...

Oh my, this is such a knock out outfit!! I have a very similar dress and what a beautiful way to add layers and a bit of edge to it. I'll definitley be trying this!! And those boots, oh man, perfection!

I'm with ya, loving that crisp air and dressing in layers. We've surprisingly still had a few warmish days here & there. Not too shabby! Happiest Thursday to you, lovey!!

By The Shore, a life + style blog

Melissa said...

Awesome outfit. You pull it off so well. I love the details on your boots, too. x


Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

I love this mash-up of different styles, you of course manage to make it look completely streamlined and it "make sense." Haha, not even sure what I'm saying, but I love your look.

Nancy Wilde said...

I love this outfit! Needless to say, that dress is just adorable (gotta love lace!) and I absolutely looove the punk-ish jacket, it's so kick ass :) Not to mention the fact that the flannel detail adds a grunge hint to the whole look. You look awesome, overall^^ x

Leslie: DowntownHaute said...

That jacket is fab!


Tania Franco said...

Love the mix of patterns, colors, and textures.


Heidi said...

Love the girly meets edgy look. xo Heidi

Anonymous said...

I LOVE all of this. You look awesome. What a babe!

XO Alison

Anonymous said...

Great grunge combination!

Sonya Mann said...

Love the layered textures and combinations of different moods!

Jennifer said...

Great layering hun!

xo Jennifer

Rosie said...

Love your plaid shirt! So gorgeous for the colder months!

Ally said...

Gotta quote Liz Lemon on this one; that look is amazeballs. Somehow it would never have occurred to me to pair romantic ivory lace (or chiffon) with plaid, but now I totally will.

Thanks for the inspiration!

Megan, said...

I am so loving this!

Karli said...

You look gorgeous! I love your hair cut!

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