Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Few Small Goals for October

 photo OrchidGrey_OctoberGoals_zpscd6b9310.jpg
Happy October! It still hasn't quite sunk in yet that it's a new month, but I'm excited just the same. My mom is currently visiting us from Maine, I leave in a couple of days for St. Louis, and the weather is gorgeous. No complaints. Here's what I'm hoping to accomplish for October:

// Go apple picking
We somehow didn't do this last year, and I miss this autumn tradition! Not just the orchard visit itself, but the days spent figuring out what to do with all those apples afterwards. Apple pie? Apple sauce? Apple cake?

// Plan a challenging hike
We recently went on an easier day-hike and it has me craving something more challenging. We went on a great hike up Mt. Davis last year, so I'd love to explore another Western Pennsylvania mountain when the foliage is at it's peak.

// Get a haircut
It's time, I'm craving a shorter cut for fall weather. Nothing too drastic, but I could use a little change, and shorter locks mean fewer knots caused by wool sweaters, which is always good in my book.

// Turn off
This is a big one for me, and I most likely won't be able to start working towards it until next week, but I've decided to attempt a "no computer past 6:45pm rule" for October. This will require a complete restructuring of my schedule, and it's a little daunting. Right now my blog posts typically get written in the evening, and it's a mad dash after work of getting home, working out, eating dinner, blogging in front of the TV, and then crashing into bed. With little time to relax, connect with Chris, or work on an in-person project. This needs to change, and I'm looking forward to having a real challenge to work towards this month.

// Turn off the 'back-burner'
I'm really sick of having so much on hold, so much set aside. I have a lot of projects and general 'life responsibilities' that I need to just do and get out of the way. I'm hoping the computer shut down will help make this happen.

What are your goals for this month?