Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Few Small Goals for October

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Happy October! It still hasn't quite sunk in yet that it's a new month, but I'm excited just the same. My mom is currently visiting us from Maine, I leave in a couple of days for St. Louis, and the weather is gorgeous. No complaints. Here's what I'm hoping to accomplish for October:

// Go apple picking
We somehow didn't do this last year, and I miss this autumn tradition! Not just the orchard visit itself, but the days spent figuring out what to do with all those apples afterwards. Apple pie? Apple sauce? Apple cake?

// Plan a challenging hike
We recently went on an easier day-hike and it has me craving something more challenging. We went on a great hike up Mt. Davis last year, so I'd love to explore another Western Pennsylvania mountain when the foliage is at it's peak.

// Get a haircut
It's time, I'm craving a shorter cut for fall weather. Nothing too drastic, but I could use a little change, and shorter locks mean fewer knots caused by wool sweaters, which is always good in my book.

// Turn off
This is a big one for me, and I most likely won't be able to start working towards it until next week, but I've decided to attempt a "no computer past 6:45pm rule" for October. This will require a complete restructuring of my schedule, and it's a little daunting. Right now my blog posts typically get written in the evening, and it's a mad dash after work of getting home, working out, eating dinner, blogging in front of the TV, and then crashing into bed. With little time to relax, connect with Chris, or work on an in-person project. This needs to change, and I'm looking forward to having a real challenge to work towards this month.

// Turn off the 'back-burner'
I'm really sick of having so much on hold, so much set aside. I have a lot of projects and general 'life responsibilities' that I need to just do and get out of the way. I'm hoping the computer shut down will help make this happen.

What are your goals for this month?


Unknown said...

Definitely agree with the last two points :( I have the exact same problem. I really enjoy bogging and being on pinterest but I just need to be strict and have couple of nights no laptop/ipad rule :)


Unknown said...

One of my goals this fall was to get up the courage to knock on the neighbours door and ask for some apples from their tree, I live in Denmark so it's also a language thing for me. Kindly enough they put a giant bag out on the fence post and invited the neighbourhood to help themselves. My point in this ramble? I made apple sauce and it was delicious.

Anonymous said...

wish you would have mentioned the hike goal before fallingwater! the laurel highlands have some beautiful hiking trails. my husband and i visited fallingwater and hiked one of the area state parks. also recommended: moraine state park up in butler county.

Unknown said...

I am so inspired by this 'goals' thing! :) For me october goals are: less make up-more skincare, to start pilates again, some new knitting progects + I want to plan a trip.

jess said...

I just came here to say that because of where the "l" and GOALS hits on the brick wall, it looks like OCTOBER GOATS.

I'm not sure how they differ from goats any other time of the year, but I'm sure they're adorable.

Also, good luck with your computer rule. EVERY NIGHT? That's commitment! We have contemplated doing 1 night of no electronic devices (tv included) a week :)

Ashe said...

Turning off in the evenings is one of the best things I've ever done. This isn't to say I do it EVERY evening, but most evenings I have a "no more internet" rule. And it's made me feel so much more at ease. Yeah, I have to restructure the day more, but it means more time for other loves & interests - including getting to the back-burner!

Good luck!

My goals this month would be... to get a haircut as well and maybe play with a bit of hair color for the autumn. And to create a tentative plan for my trip to London/Dublin over Thanksgiving, so we know what we're ACTUALLY doing!

Angela said...

Great goals! My goal this month is to work more efficiently and waste less time doing irrelevant things (like checking facebook every half hour)

The Littlest Smitten said...

These are such great goals. I'm working on having some kind of routine around my otherwise weekly irregular work schedule. It's hard when it changes week to week but at least I know it before beforehand and can make plans around it. I haven't been to yoga in weeks and plan to get back to it at least twice a week. One goal was to go apple picking and cook which I did this past weekend. So much fun and I cooked applesauce yesterday for the first time in 16 years. Good luck with all your goals Julie!

Michelle said...

Love your goals. I have so many for the month of October, mainly making a successful switch to self-employment.

h said...

You could also try doing a corn maze. We took some international friends to one in the middle of Pennsyltuckey somewhere, and the maze spelled out "God bless the USA". It was super super classic.

I haven't gone apple picking in years and years. I'm just not sure what I'd do with all those apples!!

Oh, and Allegheny National Forest has some good camping...but I hear that the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail has waterfalls...

Ashley said...

I want a shorter cut for Fall too but I'm trying to hold off til it gets warmer. This is the first time in YEARS that my hair's been down to even my shoulders and it's so hard to keep it that way. On another note, I'd love to go apple picking, too, but I don't think anyone else around me is into it. Oh well! Maybe I'll go alone!

xo Ashley

Haiku Ambulance said...

Oh dude. That "Turn Off" is such a good idea.

It really is pathetic how much time we're on our phones/computers/whatever. It's gotten to the point that Ryan and I argue about who is on their phone more, rather than just put the damn thing away.

Think I'll follow your lead.

Anonymous said...

ultimate, ultimate goal i want to accomplish is start blogging again & consistently this time around!

the apple picking sounds fun! the east coast gets so beautiful around this time *sigh

Annie Haase said...

These are great goals! I definitely need to take the last 3 and remix them into my life. I need a trim so bad! But more importantly, turning off the computer and reconnecting with the people and things I keep putting off is necessary.

Good luck with all of these goals!

Anonymous said...

I think cutting your hair would look great! Try something between your chin and your shoulders and maybe even go darker. If you have had the same hairstyle for a while...let some of that great fashion sense and creativity catapult you into the salon!


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