Monday, September 9, 2013

San Francisco in Pictures

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I headed out to the SF office for a few days in early August -- directly after Texas -- to work with my team at my job, and it was wonderful. The last time I stepped foot in California, I was approximately six years old- most likely younger- so I was looking forward to an entirely new experience, free from past impressions. While I spent most of the week schlepping to and from the office (and by schlepping, I mean delighting in the novelty of walking to work), I was able to get out and about a little during the week, and had a whole Saturday to explore the city before I flew back to Pittsburgh. While San Francisco's impression took a few days post-travel to sink in, I have to say I think I really loved it. I most definitely loved the ocean and the incredibly lovely pastel houses, and I most definitely loved the food, which I unapologetically stuffed my face with for the entire trip (that Tartine croissant was approximately the size of my head).