Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Orchid Grey Sept. 24 2013 photo OrchidGrey_Sept242013-3_zpscbb8297a.jpg
 photo OrchidGrey_Sept242013-5_zps1fd8352e.jpg
Orchid Grey Sept. 24 2013 photo OrchidGrey_Sept242013-4_zpse74eb983.jpg
Orchid Grey Sept. 24 2013 photo OrchidGrey_Sept242013-2_zps6fdc0994.jpg
Orchid Grey Sept. 24 2013 photo OrchidGrey_Sept242013-1_zps375ac70c.jpg
What I wore:
Dress: Vintage/TXSC clothing swap (previously owned by Rachel)
Belt: Vintage/PGH Vintage Mixer
Beaded necklace: Antique store in Maine
Fringe Necklace: Moorea Seal
Bracelets: Thrifted
Sandals: Marshalls

I love strolling around our neighborhood in the evenings after work, looking at houses, picking out details and storing them away in my memory. It took awhile for me to come around to appreciating the architecture in Pittsburgh -- there's just so much brick, new environment, blah, blah, blah -- but now I could fill a book with houses that are My Favorites (most of them brick, incidentally). This archway is one of my favorite details on one of my favorite houses. It reminds me of The Secret Garden, which I was obsessed with as a child.

On this particular evening, I wore the Raddest Dress Ever, which I snagged at the Lulu's clothing swap held during TXSC. The pretty floral print is not only lovely, but useful in disguising the humungous rip in the lining that occurred when I bent over earlier in the day. Vintage dresses man, they're so awesome, but sometimes seem to be made for human bodies with less bodacious asses than my own**.

** She said with good humor and a little sarcasm