Friday, September 6, 2013

A Few Small Goals for September

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August, as expected, flew right by. The past few days have felt decidedly autumnal, still warm, but with that telling bite to the air. Mornings in our apartment are wonderfully chilly, and a cool breeze comes through in the evenings. I'm not quite ready to let go of summer, but I do love this time of year. It feels fresh, full of possibility, perhaps it's the residual effects of the academic calendar. Here's what's on my docket this month:

Stick to a blogging schedule
I've been pretty terrible about keeping myself accountable lately, due in part to some internet issues at our place, but if we're being truly honest, I just want to be outside. I know that sticking to a schedule will make life a whole lot easier, I just need to implement it. This month I am determined to write the posts that have been on the back burner for ages.

Get out of the house
Don't get me wrong, we definitely do get out and about, but I always feel this time of year is especially perfect for exploring new places, short weekend roadtrips, and hiking. I'm headed off to Cleveland this weekend to visit Erin, and I can't wait.

Plan a weekend for my mom!
Exciting stuff: my mom is visiting Pittsburgh for the first time at the end of the month! I'm really looking forward to planning a fun weekend/week with her to show her around the city. There are certain Pittsburgh-y things we've held off on doing, knowing they'd be perfect for when family came to town, like visiting Fallingwater.

Finish unpacking
Now that it's cooler outside, we can finally unpack the rest of our stuff. I started this past weekend with our office and ended up with three gigantic bags of donations, let's keep this going! It's helpful to have the deadline of my mom's visit at the end of the month, so no slacking! 

Do you set monthly goals? Feel free to share in the comments!


Melissa at said...

I like what you said about how the residuals of the academic calendar might be the reason for this time of year feeling full of possibility. I never thought of it that way. I'm such a summer person, but I do always feel that hint of excitement for a minute or two when the air first starts to cool. Good luck with all of your goals!

mascara and mud said...

i have a few to do's for that month on the sidebar of my blog as a bit of a reminder, but that's about it really.

Unknown said...

Yay! Excited to see you too! xo

Gwen said...

I hope you have lots of fun with your mom! Nothing beats a visit from your mom. :) And well done on sorting out that stuff to be donated, I need to do some of that too... Autumn is a good time to clear out things and have a fresh start! :)

h said...

My fall goals are always this: to hold onto my sanity as best I can!

I've already written up two posts about what to do around Pittsburgh when parents come to visit: one and two.

And for hiking...we're not too far from the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail. They have backpacking shelters, waterfalls, the whole shebang! The Laurel Highlands is where I did my first backpacking.

Orchid Grey said...

Iris, thank you so much! Looking forward to checking out your posts, and I LOVE the Laurel Highlands!

stitchingbitch said...

I'm in cleveland. I love your style you'll have to post where you wound up shopping to give me some ideas!

Jennifer said...

I would like to echo your goal of sticking to a blogging schedule!

xo Jennifer

Unknown said...

This summer I started a month goals sheet, and I think it's helped a little to keep me accountable and moving forward. Even when I don't get all the goals completed I've enjoyed decorating the page and just starting new plans. This months goals include a new blog design and finding the perfect floppy fall hat.

Emma Clark said...

Hey I live in Cleveland! If you need any tips on what to do, let me know :) I hope you enjoy your stay!


Kaili at impeccablykaili said...

Love these. It's always good to set goals for the month. I love writing out what I want to do and accomplish. It helps me keep a level head.

Annalise said...

We must be feeling the same fall feelings since I've also given myself some goals/"challenges" for the month of September. It's my month of learning, and I want to push myself to try new recipes. I've never been a very good cook, but I want to be! I got a great collection of cookbooks for wedding gifts and I want to dig in and makes some delicious meals. Matthew and I area also working on getting the house ready for our baby. That means a lot of throwing out and organizing of "stuff". Good luck on all your goals for this month. :)

Aubrey said...

I hearing ya on sticking to a schedule. I have been so bad about posting regularly. I need to make a plan and stick to it. Good luck on those goals!

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