Thursday, August 8, 2013

Into the Woods

 photo OrchidGrey_August82013_zpsccf03cd2.jpg
Timber, day three or four, and things are looking...real woodsy. See those rings around my ankles? As gnarly as it looks, they're actually just marks from my boots, but still. I'm so glad I brought my sneakers, they took a beating and the typical matching toe-holes wore through, but they were a welcome relief at the end of the day after slipping off my boots. Moccasins would have been awesome, but I wasn't thinking. There was one morning where, because of how sick I was-- oh yeah, I was super sick during all of this, per usual when I travel-- I woke up at what must have been around 5:30am and watched the sun rise from the wooden footbridge that marked the entrance of the festival. With the mountains in the distance, and complete silence surrounding me, it was the most beautiful thing. That kind of beautiful silence is hard to come by these days, only found on especially early mornings, or when I'm home visiting my mom in Maine.

Life has been moving uncomfortably fast lately. I've been catching snippets of people's Texas Style Council Conference updates, but haven't had time enough to even sit down and sort the rest of the photos taken during Timber, let alone TXSC. A good problem to have I guess, traveling and being busy, but I wouldn't mind a day void of responsibilities. A day to really devote to slowing down again and maybe feeling that fleeting moment of calm felt on a footbridge at 5:30am.