Monday, July 8, 2013

A Few Small Goals for July

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Happy July! I skipped setting goals for June, knowing full well that the entire month would be dominated by moving. And I was right. I barely remember June. But July is here and we're all moved out and all moved in (if you count piles of random crap 'moved in'), and I can't wait to enjoy the rest of summer. My general goal for July is just to make the most of summer in Pittsburgh, which is lovely, also, I really need to hop back on the "acting like a grown-up" bandwagon and do things that are responsible (i.e. pretty boring), as in:

Have a clothing sale
This has been on the back burner for some time now. I've been meaning to host a clothing sale on Instagram or Ebay or some other platform for awhile and just haven't had the extra time. But I'd like to do this, it'd be nice to make a little extra room in my closet and lighten the load a little, mentally and materially. As a bit of a clothes hoarder, I'm pretty proud of how much stuff I've been able to part with.

Get a haircut
Confession: I'm incredibly lazy- and impatient- when it comes to my hair. Which is why I keep it long. But, even long hair needs to be maintained and my hair has once again reached the point of weed-like wildness that I just can't deal with. It is time. Also, I wanna look good for Texas!

These goals are super exciting, right?

Go hiking!
We haven't been hiking since last fall, and I'm craving it. Now that our weekends are freed up, I'd love to take an Ohiopyle trip.
Read more
I've been taking full advantage of the city pools this year, and I'm looking for some pool-side reading! Any recommendations?
Build my desk and create an inspiring space
My old desk consisted of an Ikea table-top stacked on top of two filing cabinets. Functional, but not fun. We have all the plans to build a simple desk for me and a workspace for Chris, but at the moment that particular room of our place is packed to the brim with the extraneous stuff in our lives. I can't wait to have a nice, spacious office/studio!
Well, that's it. Nothing groundbreaking, but it helps to list them out. What do you hope to accomplish in July?


Veronika Novotny said...

These are such great goals. And I'm with you, I'd definitley like to start reading more... and, try to get off my computer more too. ;) Glad you guys are all moved out. Happy settling in!! xo

Michelle said...

Good luck with your goals! :)

Anonymous said...

We have similar goals lol we are high achieves this month!

Chelsea Finn said...

2 of your goals are the same as mine! Read more and go hiking, two things Ive been wanting to spend the time doing :)

Ashley Elizabeth said...

I love how you set monthly goals - a good clean start to each month!

That's Monique said...

I want to go hiking too. :( but I'm too lazy right now for this.
I may recommend you "" for selling your stuff. I have my own "wardrobe shop" on this easy platform.
I hope this can help you.


monica said...

good list. Yeah, I'm coming back from vacation and trying to convince myself to be a grownup and face real life again. :) With four kids it's kinda necessary. haha.

Share what you read--that is totally on my list of must-dos.
Enjoy summertime! :)

Sandra said...

it's so cool you have monthly goals! i need to get more organized...

moving can be so exhausting, it took me a few months to recover after my last move.

but yeah hiking+reading+wardrobe purge are always on my summer list too.

good luck with everything!

The Littlest Smitten said...

Nice goals! I have similar ones. I too want to get a hair cut and maybe go darker again. I'm so bad I haven't dine anything with my hair since my birthday in October. Definately need a trim and might get long bangs. I want to spend more time outside in general. More evening walks, bike rides etc. you name it. And as always be purging. In the last few months I've been consigning a lot and using some of the credit for new special pieces while depositing the balance in the bank. Thinking as always about opening an Etsy shop since I thrift so much. Another goal to work on. Glad you are settled in to your new place at last. Have a great week!

Annie Haase said...

Great goals to have! I can't wait to attend your workshop in Austin this year! My August will be like your June!

h said...

I hear there's some trails in the Laurel Highlands that have waterfalls. The stretch we backpacked a couple years back didn't, though.

Jessica said...

I just read "Where'd you Go Bernadette" by Maria Semple in a matter of 2 weekends by the pool and loved it! Also, glad I'm not the only one who keeps more sleep as a (often not met) goal.

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