Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Girlish, Boyish

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What I wore:
Tee, Bracelet, & claw ring  c/o Lulu's
Shorts: Urban Outfitters ($14 in-store sale)
Shoes: Bass/ Thrifted ($5 - similar)
Beaded necklace: Swapped
Skull necklace: gifted skull charm & flea market crystal
Flower ring: shop in Beverly ($11)
Midi band: Urban Outfitters ($6)
Coral ring: Vintage ($6)

I wore this to: avoid coming into contact with stadium seating.

There are many unpleasant feelings in the world, one of them happens to be when you're wearing shorts, or a skirt or dress, and your legs cement themselves to whatever it is you're sitting on. Extra points if you're sitting on some sort of public seating, like at a ball park. Which is where I was on Sunday for a Pirates game. Long shorts solve this problem, it's a pretty good solution as long as you don't mind feeling a little bit like your high school self for a day. Or maybe you weren't consistently mistaken for a boy in your younger years.

While this outfit does remind me a little of my high school self- giant skate shoes and tent-like hoodie not included- I was actually inspired by Beth of B. Jones Style who can rock a pair of mens pants/shorts/overalls like no one's business. I found these shorts randomly hanging on the women's rack in UO this weekend, thought to myself "what would Beth do?", and decided to take a chance. And I'm glad I did, and while this look was admittedly outside of my comfort zone, I've found the solution to that is just piling on jewelry. You know that quote that says you should take one thing off before leaving the house? I disagree, I say pile it on.