Wednesday, May 15, 2013

All Tied Up

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What I wore:
Top: Thrifted ($3)
Jeans: Cheap Monday via ModCloth (find 'em here)
Belt: Thrifted ($2)
Bag: Gift
Scarf: Thrifted ($2)
Shoes: Lulu's ($69- bought partially with a Lulu's gift card that I received at an event)
Earrings: Oona's Vintage, Boston ($18)

I wore this to: work on my latest photoshoot...and show off my new cat bag.

Things scarves are great for: decorating microphones, tying around your neck, hiding greasy hair. Ladies and gentleman, I think I've found my latest obsession. I bought this huge silk scarf on a recent thrifting trip with Chris, and really wasn't sure what I'd do with it. I often find scarves that I love, but don't buy because the pattern is always hidden once it's styled, but, this one was abstract enough to make it to the register and home with me. What a perfect way to hide dirty hair!

ps- You know what's the worst? Coming up with names for posts.


Sophie said...

I wish I could pull off double denim!

kimberrleigh said...

I love scarfs, but I feel like if I wore them in my office (traditional IT/business, lots of old men), I'd be totally judged! :P

carelessly graceful

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness, you need to stop it with this look. I love the scarf turban! I remember seeing a tutorial on the Glamourai, I think, but it's the kind of thing I am sort of hopelessly bad at, and can't be bothered to practice.

That cat bag! Those shoes! Those jeans! Your makeup! love it.

Orchid Grey said...

Sophie- You can! You can! The key to double denims is...just putting it on your body! :)

Kimberrleigh- I know it's hard not to care what those around you think, but does their opinion of your accessories really matter? I know in many workplaces, the style of dress is more conservative but you can still have fun with it. After all, when it comes down to it, it's just a scarf, or a necklace, or a pair of earrings. I probably sound naive, but I just want people to wear what makes them happy :)

Ashley- Trust me when I say the scarf turban is SUPER easy. I'll have a link next week to the tutorial I made!

Mardle Made said...

Loving this outfit, what a great way to style a Canadian-Tuxedo! Loving the bag and shoes too.

Looks nice and sunny where you are we are back to the winter wardrobe here in England after just 3 days of sunshine and warmth!

And yes finding titles for posts gets more and more difficult/cheesey!

xx said...

What a great look!!
Love the knotted up head scarf...absolute perfection!
-Adrienne. xo

Citizen of the World
Citizen of the World

walking dot photography said...

Cute! But how do you get the scarf to actually stay on your head? Mine always slips off within minutes. :/

Orchid Grey said...

Giedre- the scarf trick doesn't work very well on clean, brushed hair. My hair is usually loaded up with a few days worth of salt spray, hair spray, and heat styling/brushing neglect. That is the only explanation I have, also, for a silk scarf, this scarf isn't very silky, it's a rougher, more matte texture. Hope that helps!

Jennifer said...

This is the best example of denim on denim! Love your scarf!

xo Jennifer

Unknown said...

you look adorable! i love the scarf.

Heidi said...

I have been wanting to try a head scarf! I love this on you. So pretty, you have inspired me to try mine. xo Heidi

Dawn said...

Awesomely Gorgeous And Creative. Xo Dawn Suitcase Vignettes. you make me want to blog again, I've really slacked off. I've even considered shutting it down but I'm still on the fence I'm sure we all go through this. any advice would be appreciated although I know you are busy.

Christina said...

Awesome outfit, I'm hella liking the shoes-are they comfortable?

Orchid Grey said...

Christina- Yes, they are pretty comfortable. The second day wearing them they did sort of tear up the back of my heels, but I think that has more to do with my oddly shaped feet than the shoes themselves (I have this issue with most shoes that aren't heels or sneakers). I really like them as an alternative to my usual thrift store loafers.

Orchid Grey said...

Dawn- I think momentum is key, if I get on a roll with a solid blogging schedule, I'm more likely to keep it up. Hope you don't stop blogging, I really like yours!

Cai said...

You are absolutely perfect. One of my favorite outfits of yours of all time. Love the denim on denim.


Megan Butcher said...

Love this outfit! So simple yet so chic - my favorite! :D

<3 Megan

Anonymous said...

This outfit is so adorable! We love vintage inspired pieces! See our website for boho chic styles!

-Redemption Style

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