Monday, March 4, 2013

A Few Small Goals for March

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I thought I would combine this month's goal post with some shots I took around town yesterday. We went out to breakfast early (Square Cafe), stopped in to Construction Junction, and then headed over to an antique mall in Verona (Miller's, we bought a metal cabinet), before heading back home to relax (i.e. clean the house). Nothing too crazy or mind blowing, but nice nonetheless. A good way to start off a new month, after a really hectic February.

Looking back at February's goals, I accomplished about half of them. I went on a couple of day trips to Ohio, I started our taxes, I did organize our office- but it's no more inspiring, just somewhat cleaner- I saw a few friends, we had a nice Valentine's Day, but I did not get to the book part. Partially because I've been reading a book and it's taking me forever. So, for March, I'm focusing on the things that I've been nagging myself to do in the past couple of weeks, but for one reason or another, I haven't gotten around to doing them (say it with me: PRO-CRAST-IN-ATION):

Do those taxes!
Enough said. I gotta do them. This week.

Tackle my "to alter/handwash" pile
I've been making an effort to purchase less lately, partially due to the fact that it's that weird, in-between time of year, and partially due to this looming pile of stuff. There are about a dozen skirts, dresses, tops, and pants I could be wearing right now if I just gathered the gumption to alter them and/or handwash them.

Stay in better contact with friends and family
Twitter and Facebook are great and all, but those outlets definitely contribute to a false sense of keeping in touch with people, for me. I'm pretty bad at calling people regularly, so this will be something to really work on this month.

Sell/ Donate/ Toss
There are bags of to-donate/sell/toss clothing lurking in the shadows of our apartment. The count right now is five: two in the basement, two in the car, and one in the office. I know that if we were to go through our closets, there would be more. It's weighing on me, time to get rid of it.

Get our adult lives in order (i.e. GET ORGANIZED!)
If you can't tell already, organization is a trouble spot for me. I know I talk about it constantly, but my reasoning is that if I talk the talk, I better be able to back it up. It works...sometimes. This is actually the intention I've set for myself for the year- get organized, pay the bills on time, visit the doctor when I need to, keep in contact with my friends and family, get rid of the excess. I guess this goal really is the combination of all the goals above. So yeah.

Go on another short road trip
I'm kind of phoning this one in, because I might already have one planned (I haven't decided yet). But yeah, I'm really into exploring lately. Blame it on being sick of the cold and being super restless.

Do you have any goals for the month? I'd love to know what you're working on!


Megan Colwell said...

Oh, wouldn't a roadtrip be lovely. The hubs and I are planning a vacation to Miami which is quite exciting. We are de-cluttering too! But all I seem to be doing in bring in more clothes. Odd how that works out ;)

The Nautical Owl

Kelly said...

I also have an ever-growing pile of handwash-only items that I must tackle soon. I think this time of year (particularly here in Maine) doesn't lend itself to handwashing, at least that's my excuse. When it's warm and I can hang my freshly washed items outside in the sun and warm breeze, it's much more appealing!

janika r said...

This month my targets are to improve my indoor garden and my blog.

nicola lynde said...

I donated three bags full of clothes the other day, and although there was a moments hesitation, afterwards I felt like I'd lost weight. I also re-organized my wardrobe, refolded colour blocked and tossed all those old ratty t's (saving anything that could be used for a DIY into a separate pile) It took me months to get up the energy to do it, but it's been so worth it!

missris said...

I forget how close Pittsburgh is to lots of cool stuff. Driving distance to several states means road trips are definitely in my future.

Jennifer said...

I really like your idea of setting monthly goals... gives you something to look forward to and a sense of accomplishment at the end of each month! Plus, you do what you have on your to do list lol

xo Jennifer

Colleen Beaty said...

I've been really inspired by your monthly goal posts. So I set a few goals for myself for March :)

I'm hoping that by publishing them (and posting them on the wall in my room where I see them every day) will motivate me to work on them.

Melissa said...

I also really need to go through my closet. I think I still have clothes from middle school in there! (I'm 22...)
This month I would also like to stay on track with my schoolwork; I've been slacking a bit lately.

<3 Melissa

Joelle said...

Totally feel ya on getting more organised. I recently moved, started a business with my partner, and have to finish my last bit of immigration stuff. Feeling a bit overwhelmed with adult life! However, setting goals totally helps me deal with the stress and get things done. Good luck with your goals :D

The Littlest Smitten said...

Great goals! I've committed to eating healthier this month and get to the gym and yoga classes more. I'm so restful for Spring! Can't wait to bike again!

Dina's Days said...

I used to be so good at writing down my monthly personal goals but now I mostly just do it for work. I think I ALWAYS have an alter/hand wash pile in the corner of my bedroom. In fact, I'm looking at it right now. The worst part is when I forget about what's in the pile and I buy something similar.

Elizabeth, Delightfully Tacky said...

Ugh TAXES. The worst. It's things like that which make me wish I wasn't self employed doing something weird like blogging. I just want to take a bunch of W2s to H&R Block and forget about it.

Sophie @TheForge said...

I feel like you just posted my own to-do list... If I wasn't the worst procrastinator before I had Logan, I sure am now. When he goes down for his nap all I want to do is sit on he couch and watch mindless tv shows ;)

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