Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Sweet Sunday

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What I wore:
Coat: ICHI (ModCloth)
Scarf: KVT Knits via giveaway (2010)
Sweater: J.Crew ($20 old)
Tee Shirt: Vintage (birthday gift)
Skirt: Clothing exchange rack at work
Bag: Vintage Coach/ Avalon ($20)
Tights: American Apparel ($25)
Boots: Jeffrey Campbell "Rumi"

Where I wore it: To Sunday brunch & a shopping date

Chris presented me with this stellar vintage tee shirt for my birthday, and I've worn it about six times since. It's the kind of tee shirt that seems impossible to find, with perfect sun-fading and super soft, washed out fabric. For a day like Sunday, a seemingly lazy day that had us running all over the neighborhood, this outfit was perfect. It snowed all weekend long, which was such a nice surprise. It was cold, but beautiful, and the city always looks so much prettier in the winter when it's beneath a blanket of snow. Did you have a nice weekend?


Tati Reyes said...

Really pretty! I love it when you do your hair like that! It's like grungyclass! :)

Lagelle said...

Very cute, I love the sweater!


☯ZERO STYLE☯ said...

so jealous of that shirt! my dad and brother are harley men, so there's a lot of harley paraphernalia in our house. that jacket and snood look so warm together! do you get nervous taking photos in the snow? i'm always so paranoid about something happening to my camera, it's my baby!

kimberrleigh said...

Perfect outfit for a cold winter day!

carelessly graceful

Heather P. said...

My weekend was kind of boring, but sometimes that's a good thing. It gives me a chance to sleep in, unwind, and relax after a long and stressful week.

Love the sweater, by the way - if it looks like Mr. Rogers might appreciate it, I'm all for it!

Ally said...

Thanks for reminding me to pull this silhouette/proportion out of my closet!

For those who are not lucky enough to have a thoughtful & vintage-savvy boyfriend, I came across this rock tee reproduction line today:

Jennifer said...

I have been looking for a skirt like that forever!

xo Jennifer


The Littlest Smitten said...

Sounds like a great weekend. David and I tried a new restaurant Friday night which was fun. Saturday we went to dinner at a favorite resturant a friend owns. After we went to a show next door at said friends coffee shop/bar and performance space to see are friend Lily play solo. We ended staying for the bands and hanging out with friends. Sunday was a brunch baby shower for one of my best friends. So fun and mellow. I don't care about sports really but we often host a Super Bowl gathering for our friend Loyal who likes football. It was fun just to hang out and eat crappy food like my specialty pigs Ina blanket with tofu dogs and cheese. Cause the husband is a vegetarian.

Anonymous said...

babe! so unexpected, that tshirt...love it.

Ani said...

That tee is amazing! Love this outfit.

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