Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Red Velvet

In this outfit:
Cape: American Apparel
Stole: Vintage / Estate Sale ($5)
Blazer: Vintage / Thrifted ($4)
Jeans: Vintage / Avalon ($11)
Top: American Apparel
Gloves: Vintage / Estate Sale ($2)
Bag: Vintage / Flea Market ($30)
Belt: Vintage Dior / Thrifted ($2)

Where I wore it: To the office and to an after-work networking hour

As much as I love thrifting and second-hand shopping, I've never really delved into estate sales, until this past weekend, that is. A friend was planning to hit up some local estate sales, and I graciously invited myself along. Somehow, walking into a deceased strangers house with a friend sounds a whole lot easier to me than going alone (it's not so much that it's a deceased stranger's house, as much as it's the possibility of having to make small talk with the people running it). Anyway, the first one we went to was amazing, lots of vintage gloves (I bought a few pairs), hats, vintage fur, and silly knick-knacks bought in Atlantic City. We had the good fortune to get there right as everything went to half-price, so we ended up getting away like bandits! This was one stylish lady, can you believe these gloves? I only wish my feet were two and a half sizes smaller because her shoe collection was incredible.

I bought this blazer on the same day, and immediately knew how I would wear it. I love when outfits come together so easily.

A note about fur: As I've mentioned in previous posts, I do not condone the purchase of *new* fur. However, I personally do not have a problem with fur that has been bought second-hand that is very old, such as the stole I'm wearing here- I would rather see it put to use than tossed away. I understand that everyone has different opinions on this. If you are looking to purchase a fur, please purchase it second hand- check out estate sales, thrift stores, and charity shops, have a little patience, and eventually you'll find something that will be in your wardrobe for years to come.


Marlen said...

i'd looove to go to an estate sale just for that vintage. i mean, look how amazing your fur stole is. i can't even. i need to craigslist if there are any around my sleepy suburb. here's hoping.

ps those gloves are awesome. i love their detailing

Anonymous said...

The fur and gloves are beautiful! I completely agree with your opinion on furs. I love finding vintage pieces and don't mind wearing them if they are real, but I would not feel right buying a new fur piece.


Cait Val said...

this head to toe look is a show stopper!!!! love vintage finds & clearly you've scored big here!!

thanks for sharing, can't wait to see your other finds too!!

xo. c & v
cake & valley

Jennifer said...

Whoa, this is major awesomeness!

xo Jennifer

Rachel said...

Estate sales are my big not-so-secret secret. SOme of my best finds have come from them! I went with friends in college and now have no problem going by myself... check out to get on the list to be notified of ones in yoru area. Lots of them are run by companies who buy estates outright and then re-sell, so it's not typically the family. Also, if I can get something that's (seasonal and) awesome for less than $2/piece I will pick it up to sell at Buffalo Exchange, etc. I just brought a haul of stuff there and made a relatively big profit!

Anonymous said...

i love estate sales! my daughter felt the same way she felt it was creepy. the way i see it is that their clothes tells me some of their story and i can only imagine what kind of lady she might of been!

the gloves are quite the find!

Melissa said...

You look like the comfiest and warmest human alive in this outfit! haha I love it

<3 Melissa

Sarah Kyle said...

Oh my, love the fur detailing and the jeans. Just gorgeous.

The Littlest Smitten said...

Great scores! Love the gloves. I have a crazy glove and mitten collection so I appreciate a stylish pair. My husband was shocked when he realized how many winter accessories I have. I said its VT if you have to dress warm at least I can have fun with my winter accessories. Not to mention most our thrifted and didn't cost much. Also I love your pants. I need a darker wash cut like them.

Kitsune-kun said...

ooooo so luxurious! I am freaking out over you gloves. so. cool.

Andrea Kerbuski said...

What a magnificent outfit! I want and am inspired by everything in this outfit and these photos. And those gloves are such an amazing find, I need to get my ass to estate sales!

Sofia Bergkvist said...

Love this whole outfit, thank you so much for sharing! :)



dusanabotswana said...

those gloves and the coat and everything seriously is amazing!! I really need to hit up an estate sale one of these days. Love how you paired it w/ the high jeans and boots too, such a perfect 70s look!

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