Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pink and Olive

In this outfit:
Sweater: H&M ($20)
Pants: J.Brand/ Gabriell Bros. ($20)
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell/ ModCloth (last year)
Earrings c/o Noble Town Vintage (2010)
Phone Case c/o Iconemesis

Where I wore it: To the office

Photobucket is driving me insane.

A few scattered thoughts: I absolutely love pink and olive together, and when I purchased this sweater on a recent trip to Philadelphia, I knew I would be pairing it with these olive pants. I've been playing around with faux-undercuts lately (because I'm too chicken to actually shave a side of my head- as much as I've been pining to). And this Iphone case is my favorite, I've been holding off on giving it a little review because I wanted to see how the image would hold up, but I've been using it since May, and I love it! I've dropped my phone on it's back a number of times and the case has protected it- unfortunately the same doesn't go for the front...remember how I said I wanted to spend less time on my phone? Well, that resolution has been made easier since I shattered the front glass this weekend. Done and done.

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Jen Hsieh said...

Most fashionable cat lady ever? I think so. I think you should go for it and shave the side of your head. I've always loved the look and you have the face shape and hair to rock it. One of my friends did it last year and she loved it and it grew back no problem. :)

Jules said...

Beautifu look, I love your hair style.

Daynya said...

Um, PLEASE shave your head! I just wanna live vicariously through you. It has taken me so long to grow out my hair that I'm terrified to do it, but completely obsessed with the look. Also, of course, love the outfit and the cat-accessories.

Bekah said...

For a minute I thought you shaved the side of your head. I'm totally loving that, maybe a cure for your haircut craving.

Adrienne Scott-Trask said...

Ah this is so cute!! I love that sweater and your phone case with it is perfection!
-Adrienne. xo


daria said...

your phone case is the cutest!

Anonymous said...

Don't do the half shaved head! It's totally played out.

Heidi said...

Cute shoes! -Heidi http://fabricandfrosting.blogspot.no/

Anonymous said...

I must comment here, do NOT shave the side of the head. I remember this from girls in junior high in the late 90s and it was gross then and is probably more so now!

and yay cats!

fawn said...


Melody said...

Oh no! I've been terrified of cracking my front screen. I even almost dropped it in some oatmeal this morning. Yikes. I was going to comment on shaving the side of your head, but you already did! That would look so cool!

Anonymous said...

I think you achieve the look without having to shave it. It would be cool and liberating, either way is a win. Also, I've had a shattered iPhone front before, I put clear packing tape over it so I could still kind of see and also - didn't get little glass shard splinters.

Orchid Grey said...

Anon! thank you for the packing tape tip! we got most of the loose shards out, but it's still scary to put it close to my face, haha. And I agree, I love the style, but the temporary solution- at least for now- is much more manageable than growing out a side :)

Anonymous said...

Whoohoo, so eighties! Love the cozy knit :)

xoxo, Femke
By Button

Amanda Ellexson said...

I feel the same way out undercuts! I absolutely love them and would love to do it myself but am waaaay to chicken to try, which is weird because normally I am pretty daring with my hair, but must be an old(er) age thing.

But I am definitely going to try out this faux undercut style because I LOVE!

Rose-et-Violet said...

I think you'd rock the undercut look. Go for the real thing! I love pink and olive together too, I remember that being my go-to combo a few years ago, especially in the summer. I am now dying to try it again, you've inspired me!


Melissa said...

The faux undercut is my favorite hairstyle! I do my hair like that all the time. You look so great. Love the iPhone case. x

<3 Melissa

Meg! said...

Oh man this is so perfect! Your hair! Those earrings! THOSE SHOES. So good.

niki said...

love your pants!
~niki <3

blue roses said...

my phone stopped working properly awhile ago, though it is still limping along.... funny, how quick i got used to it and to my own five senses again.

those shoes kill me with tender and funky cuteness every time.


Anonymous said...

Such an awesome look! I love that sweater, looks super cozy! :)


Birta said...

I shaved both sides a few years ago, in a less drastic way than is in today, and I loved it. I was like that for almost a year, it felt sexy and awesome. Growing it out however was a major nightmare (I find growing out my bangs a major nightmare too, just to give you a comparison).

Porcelain Eleanor said...

I love those pants!!
Eleanor x

allison lee said...

those shoes are a dream!!!

Anonymous said...

Could you please pretty please make a tutorial for that amazing hair style?? :)

Orchid Grey said...

Anon: yes! It will launch this Thursday!

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