Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Meow We're Talking

In this outfit:
Top: Etsy/ Allen Company Vintage ($19)
Skirt: Etsy/ Friendly Fox Vintage ($40 promo sale)
Belt: Thrifted/ Vintage Dior ($2)
Shoes: Forever 21 ($13 sale, old)
Bracelet: Vintage (gift)

Where I wore it: To the Propelle Style Summit

Saturday was a particularly run-around-type of day. After a busy week, and knowing I had a busy weekend ahead, I woke up early and got out of the house to enjoy the morning before I had to be at the Propelle Style Summit. I grabbed a coffee and headed off in the direction of a favorite thrift shop, you could say I was cutting it close time-wise, but I call it research. Once I returned home, I threw this outfit together, and was off again, this time to set up my table and get ready to speak about thrift shopping at the Summit. Everything would have gone perfectly, had I not hit traffic!

I can't say completely that this outfit was serendipitous, once I bought this skirt from Annie I was on the lookout for a light pink top, and this one from Allen Company fit the bill. But, really, let's talk about this skirt. Because it's covered in cats. The cats from Lady & the Tramp to be exact. As soon as it was listed, I pounced (harhar).

And speaking of cats, I'm running out the door to bring mine to the vet! I'll have more pictures from the Propelle event later this week, along with some thrifting tips!

EDIT: In my haste to run out the door this morning, I forgot to provide the story behind this skirt, which Annie posted in the item description: This skirt was manufactured as a kit after the release of Lady & The Tramp in the 50’s. Consumer’s could purchase the kit, and assemble the skirt themselves. Two versions were offered, one featuring Lady & The Tramp, and the other (this one) featuring the two Siamese cats, Si and Am. I prefer the cats.