Friday, October 19, 2012

Life Lately & Friday Favorites

(this pretty much sums things up)
This week was pretty typical: I worked, I'm happy I was able to hang out with lady-friends at Tuesday's swap, I finally got back to the gym after two weeks off (which was rough, but incredibly necessary to take the edge off the stress I've been feeling lately). Exercise has become an essential ingredient in my well-being, and when I don't go running or get to the gym at least a couple times a week, I get...cranky. I need those endorphins.

Well-being. This is something that I've been thinking a lot about lately. Our schedules are jam-packed these days, and with the cat-issues we've been having, I've been craving peace. Peace of mind, peace of body, and peace and quiet. What used to be my relaxing morning-time has become 45 minutes of cat-shuffling and feeling badly for whoever is meowing. I've been looking into meditation centers around the city, and think I'm going to try and start going at least once a week. Also, yoga. Judging by the knot between my shoulder blades, I think I could benefit from some yoga. These are all things that I need to make time for, but honestly, it's hard to find the time. There are so many things that I want to fit into my life, but it feels like there isn't much room at the moment.

Thank you to everyone who has left kind words and thoughts as to the status of our cats. And I'm sorry I keep talking about it, but this has seriously disrupted the...synergy (gross word) of our household. For the past two and a half weeks we've had to keep them separated, because Zeb attacks Zephyr when they're downstairs together. We've tried everything from the plug-in, to different sprays, to calming treats, to slowly re-introducing them. So, we brought them both to the vet on Tuesday- which was awful, they used to be so chill!- and Zeb has been prescribed...Prozac. Yep, the poor thing is just too stressed out about life as a cat. So hopefully this will help get things back to how they should be. Because we can't move apartments right now (which, believe me I would love to do), and other than re-homing him, the pills are all that's left.

Anyways, fun things to look forward to this weekend. The trees are gorgeous (Pittsburgh, you really are pretty). The weather is perfect. And I'm working on that thrift-tips post for next week!

Here's what caught my eye around the internet:

The most perfect coat from Lulu's. Ever. Gasp. Swoon.

Loving these heeled brogues from Ruche.

A pretty leopard-print infinity scarf from Spotted Moth.

The perfect minimalist cross-body bag from Bali ELF. Receive 10% off with the code ORCHID.

Love this grey sweater from Bluesville, USA. Receive 15% off with the code orchidgrey.

Pretty, minimalist earrings from InfinEight.

Have you thought about your Halloween costume yet? I'm a big fan of blood, gore, and cross-dressing (I'm thinking about being Lizzie Borden, Frida Kahlo, or, if all else fails... Jay). Check out these respectable-lady (i.e. not a sexy can of soup) costume ideas, 10 feminist Halloween costumes, and my latest post for the ModCloth blog.

I want everything in this shop, but especially this hot dog patch.

I think I need faux-leather pants in my life.

The prettiest velvet dress.

Have a great weekend!


Bethany said...

I need to join a gym! I don't like being jiggly. lol :p

jackie said...

If anyone can rock faux-leather pants, it'd be you.

Jessica said...

I had the same problem with my two cats. The boy I've had for 20 years and the girl we rescued five years ago when she was 16. So they are both elderly and grumpy. My little boy was always used to being an only "child", so it was quite a shock for him to have another kitty in the house. He bullied her all the time so we had to put a temporary barrier in the hallway of our tiny apartment to separate them while they we were at work. It probably took about 4-6 months for them to finally adjust to the living situation and now they just ignore each other. Though, she still runs past him rather than walks and you'll rarely catch her sleeping on the same couch... Sigh. Good luck to you and your kitties!

Chelle Lynn said...

I feel you on the exercise front! I have integrated workouts into my routine and definitely feel grumpy and "off" when I don't get to go. Huge priority, for sure.

Alaina M. said...

I feel so bad for your cat woes. I adopted a second cat several months ago and thank goodness the two get along. I really hope the prozac works for Zeb, I have heard good things about that kind of treatment.

Anonymous said...

We have two kitties, they're brothers, and they fight all the time but it's more friendly than not and it still puts me on stress mode so I totally feel for you on that end...and to make it worst we adopted a skittish frenchie this June and now they bully her around! Ugh I hope for the sake of your happy house hold something works!

On the Halloween note I'm totally going as Frida! I thought about being a Zombie Frida but the thought of ruining my vintage peasant shirt was too scary and I'm too lazy to make a cheap one...

Jennifer said...

Why is taking a break from working out take so much of a toll when you get back to it? lol

xo Jennifer

The Littlest Smitten said...

I've slowly been getting back to yoga and always forget how much better I feel once I take the time to fit it in my schedule. It's hard some weeks but like you said so good for ones mood. Hope you are having a great weekend. I've been working but making time for fun.

Salem Style said...

Sorry about your kitty stress :( I definitely recommend taking up yoga. You'll see overall improvements in muscle tension in no time.

Salem Style
Crocheted with Love in Salem Massachusetts

Michelle K. Martin said...

I feel you on the whole cat situation. My boyfriend and I adopted a male kitten about three weeks ago and we have a six year old female cat who is typically so sweet. We went slow with introducing them but it's been constant kitty wars in our apartment. They are still separated but I do always feel bad for the one that isn't in the same room with us or who is crying. Our older cat is actually afraid of the kitten and just hisses and growls whenever she hears him and he just wants to be friends (he's almost too friendly - he doesn't back down even when she's swatting at him). So stressful! And keeping them in their separate rooms is seriously a nightmare in the morning, especially if I'm running late. I hope the pills work!

Hilary Grace said...

Cat prozac is what my MIL's cat was on, too.

I can't figure out my Halloween costume yet so thanks for the suggestions!!

laura said...

i just wanted to write an encouraging note to say that our cats at home went though the same thing. they just never adjusted well to each other and would get into violent fights. it was awful, but once we put them on prozac (as the vet recommended), it was a night and day difference. honestly, it is incredible. the cats have even warmed up to my sister's golden retriever that comes and visits us from time to time. i know it seems weird and even a little sad to be putting them on pills, but our cats have never been happier.
here's to hoping that you have the same experience :)

Orchid Grey said...

Laura, Thank you so much for sharing this! We're already starting to see a difference with Zeb (Zephyr's not on it), though right now he's just kind of out of it and a little dopey. Do you happen to know how long it took for them to be ok with each other?

Thank you to everyone for the kind words :)

laura said...

of course! our cats were definitely woozy. we have one who is still on the medicine, and he acts a bit out of it right after taking the pill- but not near as much as he used to. just as it takes humans awhile to adjust to new medicine, it took a few weeks for it to really work.
let me know if you have any other questions! :)

Orchid Grey said...

Laura, thank you so much!

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