Monday, August 6, 2012

Over Last Weekend: Pittsburgh Vintage Mixer

In this outfit: 
Dress: Thrifted ($4)
Shoes: Buffalo Exc. ($40? old)
Belt: J.Crew Outlet ($24)
Bag c/o Ruche 
Bracelet: Thrifted ($2)

Where I wore it: The Pittsburgh Vintage Mixer 

Last weekend, our neighbors were kind enough to remind us that the Pittsburgh Vintage Mixer was going on. This is something that I had read about before we left for home, information I had stored away in the recesses of my mind, never to be seen again. I'm so glad they were kind enough to think of us, because this was the perfect way to spend an early Sunday morning. Since Chris had to be at work later that day, we chose to get there super early, which was perfect because it hadn't yet filled with people. We browsed around, the space was on the small side, so I felt a little funny taking too many photos, but, man were there some amazing things. I bought a vintage tablecloth, and Chris found himself an instant collection of about 300 matchbooks. Below are a few things that I sorta wish I bought, but am perfectly fine just looking at the photos. And I finally got to meet Bess, who- I believe- helped plan the mixer, and was super nice.

After ten days of living in cut-offs and tank-tops, I was happy to have an excuse to put on a dress. I bought this polka-dotted number at a Goodwill in Portland while we were away. I've been looking for a dress like this for awhile, and this one is perfect. I think when you have a piece that pairs navy and white together, it's really easy to fall into the nautical or patriotic traps, and that was something I wanted to avoid on this occasion. So, I chose accessories that didn't exactly match, but worked well enough for 9am on a Sunday.
Yeah, I kinda regret not buying that mug.


laura-ChambrayandCurls said...

Oh you look so beautiful Julie! That dress is divine. Sounds like a pretty blissful weekend too. Its always great finding things like that going on, helps you fall in loev a little with where you live, huh

modern Suburbanites said...

you look stunning, sounds like a fabulous weekend!

kater said...

This dress is pretty much the most perfect thing ever!

Brigita said...

Hands down I love dots, therefore I'm in love with this dress!
xx Brigita

Natalie Rose said...

I really like your shoes in this outfit! you look so cute!

Amanda said...

Such a wonderful dress! Just perfect for the summer weather!

sweet harvest moon said...

Beautiful dress!

Anonymous said...

I'm such a sucker for polka dots so I absolutely love this. I like that the accessories aren't matchy matchy! I think the yellow is a nice compliment too.


Anonymous said...

I'm such a sucker for polka dots so I absolutely love this. I like that the accessories aren't matchy matchy! I think the yellow is a nice compliment too.


Sophie @TheForge said...

Your dress is lovely and isn't Bess amazing for planning all of this? She is such a sweet person and I'm glad she brought another great event to Pittsburgh :)

blue roses said...

that snack tray is incredible!

This is LN said...

I absolutely love your style and reading your blog ! Such great inspiration ! I am a new blogger and would love for you to check out my blog and follow back if you like it !

alaina m. said...

I almost went to that, but I talked myself out of it, thinking everything would be out of my price range. Hit up some goodwills instead and did pretty well! You look super cute!

Jennifer said...

I can't believe you thrifted that perfect dress for $4!

xo Jennifer

Caitie Schlisserman said...

I'm such a polka dot girl so obviously I'm in love with this! I love it with that yellow belt, too!


Steffys Pros and Cons said...

your hair looks so stunning and i love the dots of course :)

Steffys Pros and Cons

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this dress and the touch of yellow is perfect! You look great :)


iris said...

Why have I never heard of the Pittsburgh vintage mixer before?! This sounds awesome!

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