Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Manic Manic

In this outfit:
Dress: BB Dakota from ModCloth
Denim vest: Thrifted ($5-ish)
Bag: Vintage/Thrifted Coach ($14)
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell "Rumi" from ModCloth
Skull/Crystal necklace: old
Hair color: Kevin Murphy Color Bug

Where I wore it: To the office!

You know, I think today is one of those days that I'm just not going to have much to say, so, list time:

- I like this outfit because it reminds me of Manic Panic/ Sally Beauty ads from the mid-90's. You know, the ones where the two rave-y looking male and female models both sported the same bright hair color and nail polish? In my early teens all I wanted was a boy who would wear my nail polish and maybe dye his hair with me (they were few and far between in Maine). I was largely unsuccessful in this search.

- That inspiration lead me to add a little faux-color to my own hair with the help of a Color Bug.

- On the subject of hair, Laura asked me last week if I've been doing something different with mine, and the answer is yes. I chopped off about eight inches while we were on vacation, and I feel so much better. I've never been one to really be attached to my hair- before I grew it out, I was happily the guinea pig for many a hair experiment when I worked at the salon- and lately I had grown uncomfortable with how long it was. So, yeah I know it's still long, but I feel a little freer with what I do to it now. It does feel really blunt though.

- I am well aware that this vest is the hardest working item in my closet these days.