Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Favorites and Life Lately

The Good:
- Our one-year wedding anniversary is on Monday!

- I have finally stared to enjoy reading In One Person. It took about 50 pages, which I've heard (from where?) is what you should give a book before deciding one way or another that you love or hate it.

- I've been running a lot lately, now that the weather has cooled slightly it's easier to get out after work, which is something I never thought I would do. After I found out about the arthritis in my knees a few years ago, I pretty much gave up on running and just hit the gym, but I think because of all that strength training, I'm able to actually run much easier now. We have some huge hills in our area, and it feels amazing to run to the top- I'm not saying that I don't have to huff and puff to get to the top, because I do, it's a struggle- but I still get there. And when I get there, it feels really good to swear loudly and throw my arms up in the air like Rocky. Because if you can't do that at the top of a beast of a hill, where can you? I think it's a really good thing to be forced to redefine your limits, to set new goals.

- I also managed to wake up at 6:30am most days this week! I did not do this on my own however, I have Zebediah to thank, who comes in around 5:45 each morning and puts a paw on my face.

The Bad:

The Ugly:
I posted a couple of pictures to Instagram of the unexpected- and miserable- trip to the vet's office that Zephyr and I took. This was no vacation. He should be fine (fingers crossed) he has/d a UTI that I think we caught early enough (they can be incredibly dangerous in male cats), but man, cat drama. I realized on the way over, as he yowled loudly from his crate in the backseat, that he's never been separated from Zebediah before, they've always harrowed the vet together as a team. It didn't go smoothly. This cat was easily the loudest one in a waiting room filled with spastic dogs. And, my apologies if this is TMI, but- UTI be damned- he also peed in his crate on the way home, so adding insult to injury (for the both of us), this already sick cat earned himself a bath as soon as we got home. We have to watch him closely over the next few days, but he seems to be doing better.

The Beautiful:
It's official, I'm obsessed with fall. An inevitability about this time of year: no matter how hard I try, I get sick of all my summer clothes halfway through August. I'm looking forward to the transitional season around early September, when I can play around with layering, but it's still too hot for that. In the mean-time, I'm pinning lots of inspiration images, to keep in the back of mind mind for those cold-weather days.

I am so excited for slouchy sweaters, more maxi lengths, and lots of boots and loafers. I'm completely enamored with this midi-skirt from Ruche. I love these simple gold bat earrings from Spotted Moth. This polka-dotted sweater from Lulu's would be perfect with jeans.  Love this black and gold triangle necklace from InfinEight. This crochet cardigan from Bluesville, USA would be perfect for right this minute (get 15% off your order with the code "orchidgrey"). I am super obsessed with this jumpsuit. And these boots make me swoon.

Have a good Friday!


Amanda said...

I hope Zephry starts feeling better soon! Hope you have a great weekend!

Chelle Lynn said...

Sick kitties are the WORST! Poor babies, they don't really know what's going on or why all these mean hairless animals are torturing them. I hope his recovery goes smoothly and quickly!

sweet harvest moon said...

Oh no, hope she will feel better soon!

I'm so obsessed with fall to, can't wait for September to arrive!

blue roses said...

oh no! zephyr! hope all is well, keep us posted.... your cats are so lovely. i love seeing them all snuggled up and cuddling.

any fun plans for the anniversary? congratulations (a bit early)....

Heartache Into Beauty said...

Boooo migraines! I get them all the time and they suck. I hope your went away quickly.

I am definitely ready for snuggly scarves and warm boots. Not quite ready to give up my breezy sleeveless tops, though.

Emily said...

this will make me sound like a zealot or proselytizer, but have you ever heard of or tried running techniques like "chi"? i read an nytimes article a few weeks ago about how a few tweaks to your form--mostly to a more "natural" state for the human body, versus "artificial" and supposedly good things that modern runners adopted--can hugely cut down on injuries, especially to knees. i looked into it, watched countless youtube videos, and asked practitioners, and several months later--no more aches and pains!

Orchid Grey said...

Emily- You don't sound like a zealot at all! I love reading stuff like this, and in fact get really dorky about it :) thank you so much for passing it along, I can't wait to check out the article!

Also, thank you all for the well wishes towards Zephyr!

Alix said...

Aww poor Zephyr! My cat Munin had to make a trip to the vet on Wednesday, also for a UTI -- it is his 3rd, even though he's on a specially formulated diet, it still happens from time to time. At least I recognize the signs by now. It was lucky we took him in, because he was stressed out and panting in the exam room, and as it turns out, panting (from a cat) can indicate heart disease. After an ultrasound, he's been diagnosed with 2 forms of cardiomyopathy, and so in addition to his UTI antibiotics and painkillers, has also started a prescription for the same heart meds my dad takes! Cat lovers, be aware -- if your 5-7 year old cat starts mouth breathing/panting, it's not a good sign! :( Poor felines.

Orchid Grey said...

Aww, Alix, I'm so sorry to hear about your kitty! At least you caught it early on and Munin's getting the meds he needs.

Carolyn said...

It's good that you caught the UTI early, because we didn't with my male cat and almost lost him because of it. Thankfully we were able to pay for the operation that he need, because I don't know what I would do without my little guy! Hope yours is feeling better soon.

Melis said...

ugh i'm jealous that you can actually go running. it's so hot where i'm at, even at night. i like to run outdoors too. and i can't wait for fall either. my favorite season for fashion!

Valentina Duracinsky said...

Cool post. yay for the anniversary!

I always get migraines... :(


clanky said...

Oh my! What's week for you! I've had problems with my cat and uti's and once got so bad (he had no symptoms till it was bad) he had stones and had to be kept over night with a catheter! Yeah, it really sucked and it was hella expensive!! Hope your kitty is okay!!

Anonymous said...

My cat just went through a similar Experiance except on top of that he snuck out and got bit by something while he already had a fever the poor boy but yes it's good to catch that early hope your kitty feels better!

♥ Cassandra (Backtofive) said...

Congratulation on the one year anniversary! :D

Have a great weekend!
backtofive's twitter

xoxo backtofive

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