Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Questionnable Contents

In this outfit:
Vest: Thrifted ($3)
Tank: J.Crew ($10-ish, sale)
Skirt: ModCloth
Belt: J.Crew ($5-ish, sale)
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell (2010)
Brass Bracelet: Thrifted ($2)
Beaded Bracelets: gift

When I was younger- and by younger, I mean college-aged- I had a nasty and -I'm willing to argue- idiotic habit of choosing accessories based on the curse words adorning them. I'm not sure what inner turmoil I was working through, but there was a sinister satisfaction that would come over me as I would coyly take out my striped wallet emblazoned with a tattoo heart and the F-word, to pay some unsuspecting cashier. Let's not even get started on the word that was decoupaged so artfully in cut out letters across my fuchsia bass guitar, I thought I was awesome and I'm still sorry mom. I know everyone has those phases that they're embarrassed about, but man, did I have to go through every damn one?

Anyway, I see this tote bag as a slightly more polite, well-spoken, and far funnier (and just overall far better) version of my former leanings (I'm judging that based mostly off the general public's positive grocery store-based reactions). Because really, when it comes down to it I'm kind of a square. All you're going to find in there are some sunglasses, a chapstick, and my wallet. I'm so subversive, I know.

And yes, another long skirt and this vest again because I dig it.


Amanda said...

That bag is absolutely amazing! So funny and clever. I'm loving your skirt too, perfect for the spring weather.

blue roses said...

damn! i had a huge denim bag with skull and crossbones hand painted on, and totally thought that was bad ass.

i love that bag, it is indeed hilarious and a bit cheekier and smart.


Michal said...

haha it's so funny the strange phases we go through growing up. I was such a tomboy in high school, wearing literally nothing but old beat up vans, Doors tees, and bandanas. But oh maannn I love that tote bag. I have a massive tote collection, and I pretty much need to add that one to it.

Your outfits have been so in line with everything I've been wanting to wear lately. Long pretty skirts, denim and great accessories. Those shoes are marvelous.

Marlena said...

Hahah check out your teenage rebellion. I laughed when imagining you taking out that wallet. I saw that bag on so many tumblr pictures, looks like you got a hold of one too.

I really like your skirt, I have one similar to that and wasn't sure quite what to pair it with. I like the jean vest idea, but the one I own is like 3 sizes too small now :/ looks like I need to go thriftingggg :)

Emily Baker said...

Bahahaha that's awesome. you look beautiful. love it.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't try and enter any University of Pittsburgh buildings with that bag!

(or any bag for that matter)

Orchid Grey said...

Marlena, You could most likely find a very similar style of this skirt thrifted. It's kind of one of those things that I know I could have found second hand, and wasn't sure whether or not I should return. BUT you find it where you find it, right?

Orchid Grey said...

Anon, definitely agree! I generally just use it to carry my lunch :)

Noémie said...

loving this, outfit is gorgeous and love how funny the bag is!!

:) x x

Sarah said...

Love the polka dot print skirt! I've been dying for a longer-length polka dot skirt lately. (Also, don't take that bag to an airport--those people have no sense of humor!)

China Lily

Frannie Pantz said...

This bag is fanfreakingtastic! I am a big fan! And I am also a fan of your pretty polka dot midi!

niki said...

haha that bag made my day!
~niki <3

C Marcia (Sequins) said...

I feel your pain--I'm pretty sure I've gone through every obnoxious, painful growing phase, too. I remember the days of my raver phase, with the enormously big pants and snarky attitude. And I shudder. And am grateful that those days are over, with minimal photographic evidence ;-)

That bag is a way more fun (and more mature) way to be snarky!

Gray Skies said...

Ha, that bag is hilarious! I would carry that thing everywhere - except maybe the airport :)

Emily's Going Nuts said...

That bag made my day!! LOVE IT!

cb said...

i love this outfit sooo much! the vest and the skirt, perfect!

i have a question. my hair is getting long and super super tangly at the bottom, any tips on what you do to keep it from being a rats nest?


Steffys Pros and Cons said...

yay keep wearing long skirts/vests bc i love it on u! cutest polka dots!

Steffys Pros and Cons

nicola lynde. said...

Ha. I love the idea of evolutionary style statements. This is a much more simple and satire laden choice than a profanity covered wallet. And a very cute outfit as well, I'm suffering serious sun envy of pretty much everyone, everywhere whose weather is better than here!

Caitie said...

love this skirt, especially with the red shoes! perfect!


Adrian said...

I'm taking a trip to Denver in a couple of weeks and that bag would have been perfect to take with me on the plane!! Too bad they're sold out :/ Your shoes are great. I just love your style!

xx Adrian

Santina said...

Agggh, I saw a similar bag in a boutique here in SF and I've regretted not buying it. It makes me happy to see it on you! Love, love, love it!

And, I still need to find a denim vest. I always admire yours!

Hope said...

Haha, love your comments about your foul-mouthed former self. ;) Also, you play/played bass? Me too! Well, not really anymore, but I do think about it once and a while.


Jasie VanGesen said...

That bag is kind of fantastic and amazing, in a clever "wink wink nudge nudge" kind of way. I love it. And those triangular dangly earrings are mesmerizing.

Laura said...

Haha! I just saw that bag on Spotted Moth recently and it made me laugh...I'm glad to see you rocking it :D


Melody said...

hahah, that bag is amazing. I love the polka dots.

G. said...

You are too awesome.

And I think I need that bag.

Mici Mathonka said...

I adore your skirt, I would crop it for myself, but on you it looks perfect. and the statement on your bag is just hilarious!

April said...

lol...that bag is bold! I'd never be able to wear that to work (I'm a teacher...but just thinking about using it at school makes me laugh!)

Gotta try the long skirt/vest combo!

Jennifer said...

That bag really makes me laugh because my dad is a TSA agent! He'd get a big kick out of it! lol

xo Jennifer


Jamie Rose said...

I'm in love with your polka dot skirt! Those red shoes are absolutely fantastic with it.

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