Monday, April 2, 2012

Over the Weekend: Scenes from a Sunday

My glasses are from Bonlook ("drink the koolaid"), my shirt and sweater are from J.Crew, Chris's jacket is from Pointer, his shirt is thrifted.

Chris and I took full advantage of an unexpected Sunday together: He cooked me breakfast (yes!), we grabbed coffee from our favorite spot, explored Construction Junction (by now, it should be clear that CJ is an unbreakable habit), went to the Center for Reuse and found lots of old magazines, visited the Warhol for the first time, took advantage of the photo-booth, and met up with new friends for dinner.

With our new schedules, these full days together seem few and far between and are typically filled with the monotonous, like errands, cleaning, etc. Lately, we've been consciously making more of an effort to get those things done in the after-work hours or early in the morning so we have more hang-out time when we're both free for a day. Even after nearly eight years together, it still catches me sometimes how comfortable I am around this person, that I can live with him, see him everyday, and still want more time to be together, just us. I'm not saying I don't appreciate my time spent with others, or my time spent alone- because I need those moments- but life is pretty great when we actually have a day together.

How was your weekend? Did you spend it with someone special? Did you spend time with yourself?