Thursday, April 26, 2012

Layer Cake

In this outfit:
Dress: 8000 Nerves/ModCloth
Cardigan: J.Crew outlet ($20 ish)
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell 2010
Bag: Vintage Coach/Thrifted ($6)
Bracelets: Thrifted/ Swapped/ Gifted
Purple Necklace: Swapped
Bird skull & crystal necklace: various
Cicada Earrings: Erica Weiner/ ModCloth
Belt: AA ($16)

I'm sorry for the excessive photos today, I know it's many people's pet peeves. But, truthfully, I couldn't help it, these photos are some of my favorites in a long time. You may have noticed the general lack of outfit pictures lately, it's not that I'm trying to scale back, but more of a combination of wanting to wait until I get home to find a fun location (let's face it, the office park where I work isn't very exciting), and then just feeling haggard by the time I walk in the door. I guess I'm still working out my schedule, finding the best way to still fit everything in.

Has your weather been crazy lately? The temperature has been so up and down, I'm pretty sure that it's the main contributor to my feeling uninspired. I hate how much the weather affects my mood (to the blogger/reader who suggested vitamin D, thank you!). After a series of crap-tastic mornings, I woke up yesterday determined to break the cycle: I got up on time, ate a breakfast that wasn't just a yogurt, played with the cats (always a mood booster), took the time to iron this amazing dress, and put together an outfit I felt good in. I hate ironing, but I did it anyway, and it was worth it. This dress is just it, I'm in love. The color, the cut, the layers, it's perfection, and when I put it on I felt great. Sometimes if you can't make yourself feel good, you need a piece of clothing that can do it for you. Maybe that sounds weird, but you catch my drift, right?