Wednesday, March 21, 2012

TXSC: South Congress Style

In This Outfit:
T-Shirt: J.Crew ($10 old)
Jeans: Madewell 
Wedges: Blowfish (old)
Sunglasses: Bought in S. Congress boutique ($14)

I know. I'm deeming jeans and a stretched out t-shirt worthy of a style file? Man, I've really let myself go. But this is real life, and I don't always dress up. In fact, more often than not this is what I feel best in, because jeans and a t-shirt are easy. Maybe not news-worthy, but there are some photos below to make up for it. Why aren't I smiling? There was a car parking next to me. There is no other reasoning behind this outfit other than: my t-shirt was comfortable, and so were the jeans, and these glasses shielded my delicate retinas from that elusive burning orb in the sky (and shielded the public from my massive under-eye half moons). Sleep evaded me during our trip, and it certainly showed by the time we left.

Chris and I woke up and scooted out early Monday morning to take advantage of the Texas sun (the sun!) and what few hours we had until we had to depart for Pittsburgh. This was my third time visiting Austin, and Chris's first, and I was so excited to at least have the chance to show him S. Congress Street, grab a migas at Jo's, and do a little shopping before we left. Austin is one of my all-time-favorite cities, a city that after visiting with Chris, we hope to live for a little while someday. Fun fact: the last time I was in Austin, I stayed at The Austin Motel and my room was painted like a sunset.
We explored Uncommon Objects, I died a little over Feather's selection of 70's vintage (and vintage Playboy's), and Chris got his hands on some classic Levi's at Stag (if you ever find yourself in Austin and in need of some manly goods, I can't recommend Stag enough). All too soon it was time to depart. Due to me being a terrible planner, Chris flew out of San Antonio and I flew out of Houston, and we both almost missed our planes...altogether I drove over 600 miles over the weekend, a drive which we've dubbed "Julie's Tour de Texas". Yeah, I may be many things, but a planner I am not.