Sunday, February 26, 2012

Life Lately...

...According to Instagram. The typical wealth of cat photos. This post is late coming because I was finally brought down on Friday by the sickness that has been slowly picking people off at my office. One by one, they dropped like flies...and then there was me. Am I even making sense? Let's blame this on the cold medicine. So as to not make more of a fool of myself than I need to, Here's what I'm loving this week:

- Ruche's new lookbook is making me dream of Spring!
- Vogue Paris as Wham! (so good to see some serious fashion ladies let their hair down)
- I'm loving coral hues for spring, this crop top from Lulu's would look great with a high-waist maxi skirt.
- Such a sweet necklace.
- The perfect summer sunglasses, yes, I'm dreaming of summer already!
- I love Elsie's pony dress! This is a DIY I'm dying to do (once my nose stops running of course)!
- The Gypsy Sandal is the perfect vintage-inspired sandal for warmer months, enter BFORCHID15 for 15% off!
- After Jen's post about meal planning, those note pads are on my want list!
- Love this cozy dress. Enter grey10 for 10% off!
- And one last spring-y dress for you, can you tell I'm pining for warm weather? Enter orchidgrey for 15% off your order!

OK, I wish I had more for you today, but well, I feel like crap. So I'm going back to the couch to watch another season of Friday Night Lights. Now get outside and enjoy this beautiful sunny Sunday for me, ok?


hello DODO said...

LOVE your kitty pics on Instagram :o)
My cats live far away with my parents and we can't have any pets in our flat, so cats on instagram pretty much complete me right now..
Hope you feel better soon!

Lottie said...

I love cats--I wish I had some pets. This is when I hate renting!

Hope you feel better soon!

niki said...

those waffles are so cute :)
~niki <3

Akiko said...

Such great photos! I love the color and you look so pretty (in the middle one. think it's you?) Hope you feel better soon. I enjoyed visiting the links here and great post! xo akiko
Style Imported

lauraa said...

Ah that vogue video made me smile!
Feel better soon, sending you good vibes across the atlantic

Cait Emma said...

yummy waffles!

and the kitty pictures are hilarious. what a tiger.

Andrea Clare said...

hahah the cat pictures crack me up, cats are so funny

kimberrleigh said...

Kitties! Yay! So cute :)

Mini said...

Love your bun! Hope you're feeling better soon!

NoƩmie said...

love those photos :) I too love waffles, cats (<3) and SPRING!! x x

Sweet Harvest Moon said...


Philippa said...

Thanks for introducing me to Ruche's Lookbook, it really is lovely! I love the DIY dress too, A beautiful Mess is so inspiring.


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